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latin  /  old french  /  persian (fārsi) 
SHIRIN (شیرین)
This name means “darling, beloved, Dear, loved one, sweet, pleasant, gracious, delicate”. Sherry (Spanish: Jerez) is a fortified wine made from white grapes that are grown near the town of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain. The current Castilian name came by way of the Arabic name “Sherish”, as the town was knows during the Muslim occupation of Iberia and during the Moorish period. Under Moorish rule, the Roman town of 'Ceret' was renamed to Sherish which later evolved to Jerez de la Frontera as it became the frontier. The term "Sherish" derives from the Persian "Shirin" which means sweet, pleasant, gracious, gentle. Names with the letter "C" as "Cheryl, Cherie, Cheray, Cheri, Cherrie have a Latin root as opposed to names beginning with an “S” which have a Persian root, names such as "Sharyl, Sheryll, Sherae, Sherey". From the 19th century both groups of names have mixed and the different variants are no longer attributable to a specific source. Both the roots are needed for a detailed description. Shirin is the name of a character in a Persian and Turkish legend. Shirin was also a wife of the Sassanid Persian Shahanshah (king of kings), Khosrau II.


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Related names

sherry, cherie, cherryl, sharyl, sherill, sheryl, sheryll, cherilyn, sharalyn, sherilyn, cheray, sharee, sharie, sharrie, sherae, sheraie, sheray, sheraya, sherey, sheri, sherice, shericia, sherie, sherissa, sherree, sherrey, sherri, sherryn, sherye, charice, sherin, cheri, shereen, shireen, shirin, sheree, sherrie, cherrie, sherrilyn, SHERLYN, Shera
cherette, cher, sherina, sherita

Use in other languages

sherin, shereen, shireen, shirin

Geographical spread (only living languages)

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cheryl JUST $2.90
cheryl JUST $2.90
cheryl JUST $2.90

New Age curiosities (only for entertainment purposes)

Numerological Values:

A person with name-number 8 is ambitious, confident, practical and has a great ability to execute plans. They are achievers and seek to reach the top of their field through hard work.

Chakra Number:
8: The number of the Chakra "Etheric Body"

At the base of the skull or Cerebellum and is also found to be linked to the causal chakra just above the crown chakra to the left in the etheric body. This center enables the individual to achieve advanced out-of-body projection, etheric projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. I use the word spiritual here because these abilities and ideas are larger than the self and the earth and is were the ability of remote viewing resides.

Color meaning:

Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. In color psychology the meaning of the color black is protection from external emotional stress. It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self-confidence. In times of fear and uncertainty black contains the energy of the threatening unknown. In a positive state, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility.

For more information about numerology click here

Name Songs

Song Artist

Notable people and personalities​

Cheryl A. Gray Evans, American Politician
Cheryl A. Rubenberg (born 1946) Writer And Researcher Specializing In The Middle East
Cheryl Ann Cole (born 1983) English Recording Artist, Songwriter And Tv Personality
Cheryl Arutt, American Actress And Psychologist
Cheryl Baker, British Television Presenter And Former Musician
Cheryl Barker, Australian Operatic Soprano
Cheryl Bentov, Israeli Mossad Agent
Cheryl Burke, Professional Dancer
Cheryl Campbell, British Actress
Cheryl Carolus, South African Politician
Cheryl Casone, American Television Journalist And News Anchor
Cheryl Chase (activist), Intersex Activist
Cheryl Chase (born 1958) American Voice Actress, Writer And Singer
Cheryl Chin, Singaporean Television And Film Actress
Cheryl Christina Crane (born 1943) The Only Child Of Actress Lana Turner
Cheryl D. Miller (born 1964) Former College Basketball Player, Coach And Sportscaster
Cheryl Fergison, British Actress
Cheryl Ford, Professional Basketball Player
Cheryl Gallant, Canadian Politician
Cheryl Gamble, African-american Soul-singer
Cheryl Gillan, British Politician
Cheryl Hall, British Actress
Cheryl Hickey, Host Of Et Canada
Cheryl Holdridge, American Actress
Cheryl James, American Rapper
Cheryl Keeton (1949-1986), American Lawyer
Cheryl Kennedy, English Actress
Cheryl Kernot, Australian Politician
Cheryl Ladd, American Actress And Singer
Cheryl Lynn Miller (1943) American Actress Of Film And Television
Cheryl Lynn, American Disco, R'n'b And Soul Singer
Cheryl Rixon, Australian Actor And Pin-up Model
Cheryl Ruth Hines (born 1965) Is An American Actress
Cheryl Strayed (born 1968), American Author
Cheryl Tiegs, American Supermodel
Cheryl Valentine, Scottish Field Hockey Midfielder
Cheryl Wheeler, American Singer/songwriter