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grímhildr OLD NORSE

This name derives from Old High German name “Grimhilt / Kriemhild”, composed of two elements: “*grimmaz” (to resound, thunder, grim, grimly, fierce, person wearing a face mask) plus “*hildiz” (battle, fight). The name means “grim, ruthless, person wearing a face mask, (helmet of battle, battle mask)”. The meaning intends someone who approaches to the dark side, masked with bad intent, ready to fight. The name is of mythological literary tradition and is one of the main characters of the Middle High German Nibelungenlied. The story is based the figure on Ildikó, the wife of the deceased in the wedding night 453 Attila the Hun. She appears as Kriemhild in the Nibelungenlied and as Gutrune in Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. In Norse mythology, Gudrun (Guðrún Gjúkadóttir) is the sister of King Gunnar.

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