feminine Tereixa

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czech (bohemian)
Name Root:
therízein > therízo > THERASíA
This name derives from the Ancient Greek “therízein (θήρίζεἰν) therízo (θερίζω) Therasía (Θηρεσία),” arrived in Europe via the Ancient Greek (Latinized) form “Teresia,” meaning “to reap, to harvest, harvester (ancient name of the Greek island Thira).” Its popularity likely increased due to the prominence of several Roman Catholic saints: 1) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, (Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) (Mother Teresa), was an ethnic Albanian, Indian Roman Catholic nun. She said, “by blood, I am Albanian.” 2) Teresa of Ávila (Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda Y Ahumada) was a prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun, writer of the counter-reformation, and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer. She was a reformer of the Carmelite order, and she is considered a founder of the Discalced Carmelites and John of the cross.



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hungarian (magyar)
ancient Greek (Latinized)
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sami (lapps)

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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #3

Traits associated with the number 3 include advanced social skills and articulation. People with name-number 3 are delightful to speak to and are often successful orators or writers. They have a colorful imagination and enjoy life to the fullest.

Chakra Number: #3
Solar Plexus Chakra "Manipura"

Yellow. The centre of our being - the color of sunshine and the color of the third energy centre - the solar plexus chakra. The main energy of yellow is intellect. Do you like yellow color? Discover what yellow means and how it manifests in your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Color meaning: Yellow

The color yellow relates to acquired knowledge. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception. Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer.

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Notable People and Personalities

Teresa Andersen (born 1953), American Synchronized Swimmer
Teresa Ann Savoy (born 1955) British Actress
Teresa Armato, Italian Political Journalist
Teresa Bandettini, Italian Poet And Dancer
Teresa Bellanova, Italian Politician
Teresa Belloc-giorgi (1784–1855), Italian Contralto
Teresa Berganza (born 1935), Spanish Mezzo-soprano
Teresa Berganza (born 1935), Spanish Opera Singer
Teresa Berganza, Spanish Opera Singer
Teresa Berra, Italian Patriot
Teresa Bertinotti (1776–1854), Italian Soprano And Voice Teacher
Teresa Borri (1799–1861), Italian Noblewoman, Second Wife Of Alessandro Manzoni
Teresa Brambilla (1813–1895), Italian Soprano
Teresa Brewer (1931–2007), American Singer
Teresa Carniani, Italian Poet And Writer
Teresa Carpenter, Pulitzer Prize Winning American Author
Teresa Carpio (born 1956), Hong Kong-english Cantopop Singer And Actress
Teresa Carreño (1853–1917), Pianist And Composer
Teresa Casati (1787–1830) Italian Noblewoman
Teresa Cheung (born 1963), Hong Kong Actress And Producer
Teresa Cheung Tak-lan (born 1959), Hong Kong Singer
Teresa Ciabatti, Italian Writer And Screenwriter
Teresa Ciceri Castiglioni, Italian Noblewoman
Teresa Ciepły, Polish Athlete
Teresa De Gubernatis, Italian Educator
Teresa De Sio, Italian Folk Singer-songwriter
Teresa Del Vecchio (born 1963), Italian Theater And Film Actress
Teresa Edgerton (born 1949), American Author Of Fantasy Novels And Short Stories
Teresa Edwards, American Basketball Player
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri (1801–1852), Italian Nun And Holy
Teresa Filangieri Fieschi Ravaschieri (1826–1903), Italian Writer And Philanthropist
Teresa Franchini, Italian Theater Actress
Teresa Gabriele (born 1979), Canadian Professional Basketball Player
Teresa Graves (1948–2002), American Actress And Singer
Teresa Grillo Michel (1855–1944), Italian Nun
Teresa Gutiérrez (1928–2010), Colombian Actress
Teresa Heinz (born 1938), Wife Of U.s. Senator John Kerry
Teresa Iaccarino (born 1959) Italian Television Presenter And Television Announcer
Teresa Isaac, American Politician
Teresa Jornet (1843–1897), Spanish Nun
Teresa Katharina Lubomirska (1685–1712), Polish Noble Lady
Teresa Kok, Malaysian Member Of Parliament
Teresa Macaluso (1831–1902), Italian Nun
Teresa Machado (born 1969) Portuguese Discus Thrower And Shot Putter
Teresa Macri, Italian Art Critic And Writer
Teresa Manganiello (1849–1876), Italian Nun
Teresa Mannino, Italian Comedian, Actress And Tv Presenter
Teresa Mantero (1920–1994), Italian Philologist
Teresa Marangoni (1875–1961), Italian Actress
Teresa Margaret (1747–1770), Italian Discalced Carmelite Nun
Teresa Marinowa (born 1977), Bulgarian Triple Jumper
Teresa Marzia, Italian Cartoonist
Teresa Mattei, Italian Partisan And Politician
Teresa Medeiros, American Romance Novelist
Teresa Meroni, Italian Worker, Trade Unionist And Socialist
Teresa Mo (born 1959), Hong Kong Actress
Teresa Moure (born 1969), Galician Writer
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, American Writer And Teacher
Teresa Of Portugal (1157–1218), Portuguese Princess And Duchess Of Burgundy
Teresa Of Portugal (1176–1250), Portuguese Princess, Queen Consort Of León
Teresa Orlowski (born 1953), Polish Producer Of Adult Films
Teresa Palmer (born 1986), Australian Actress
Teresa Parente (born 1955), American Actress And Singer
Teresa Paternoster (born 1979), Italian Actress
Teresa Pellati, Italian Actress
Teresa Petrangolini, Italian Activist
Teresa Piccini, Mexican Ten-pin Bowler
Teresa Pichler, Italian Actress
Teresa Piergentili, Italian Actress
Teresa Pla Meseguer, (1917–2004), Spanish Anti-franco Guerrilla Resistance
Teresa Prata, Portuguese Director
Teresa Procaccini, Italian Composer
Teresa Rabal (born 1952), Spanish Singer
Teresa Rampazzi, Italian Composer, Pianist And Music Researcher
Teresa Ranieri, Dance Teacher And Choreographer Italian
Teresa Recchia, Italian Politician
Teresa Riera Madurell, Spanish Politician
Teresa Rivera, Mexican Swimmer
Teresa Rohmann, German Medley Swimmer
Teresa Rossi Passante, Italian Actress
Teresa Salgueiro, Portuguese Singer
Teresa Saponangelo, Italian Actress
Teresa Saporiti, Italian Soprano
Teresa Sarti Road, Philanthropist Italian
Teresa Scanlan (born 1993), American Beauty Pageant
Teresa Sensi, Italian Writer And Journalist
Teresa Simas, Portuguese Dancer And Choreographer
Teresa Solana, Spanish Writer And Translator
Teresa Stich-randall (1927–2007), American Soprano Opera Singer
Teresa Stolz (1834-1902), Czech Opera Singer
Teresa Stratas (born 1938), Canadian Soprano
Teresa Sukniewicz (born 1948), Polish Hurdler
Teresa Teng (1953–1995), Taiwanese Chinese Pop Singer
Teresa Vaill, American Racewalker
Teresa Villaverde, Portuguese Film Director
Teresa Walnut (1900–1980), Italian Partisan, Politician And Anti-fascist
Teresa Weatherspoon, Basketball Player And Coach Of American Basketball
Teresa Weissbach (born 1981), German Actress
Teresa Wentzler, American Artist And Counted Cross-stitch Designer
Teresa Wright (1918-2005), American Actress
Teresa Żarnowerówna (1895–1950), Polish Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Scenographer And Architect