masculine Sergio

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Name Root:
(SERVUS > SERVĬUS) > Sergĭus
This name derives from the Latin “(Servus > Servĭus) > Sergĭus,” meaning “servant, slave.” The name of a Roman patrician family, Sergia (or Sergii), originally from Alba Longa, who, according to legend, could have descended from the Trojan Sergesto. Lucius Sergius Catiline belonged to this family. Saints Sergius and Bacchus were 3rd-century Roman soldiers who are commemorated as martyrs by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Sergius of Radonezh was a spiritual leader and monastic reformer of medieval Russia. The feast day is on October 7. Resafa (Arabic: Reṣafa), known in Roman times as “Sergiopolis” and briefly as Anastasiopolis, was a city located in the Roman province of Euphratensis, in modern-day Syria.



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portuguese (brazilian)
hungarian (magyar)

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United States Ranking #382

Namedoctor Weekly Ranking #167


New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #1

The number 1 is associated with leadership and independence. People with this name-number demonstrate great inner strength and have much potential for financial success and other accomplishments in life. These individuals are believed to make good use of their inborn talents and leadership abilities to influence and lead people.

Chakra Number: #1
Root Chakra "Muladhara"

The first of the seven energy centers, Muladhara is also the most dense of them all. The main color of this chakra is red which is also the most dense color of all. Learn about the meaning of red chakra color and discover the less known second color found at the centre of muladhara.

Color meaning: Red

The color red is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.

Name Songs

According to: itunes

dear sergio
catch 22
la crevette d'acier
canzone per sergio
roberto vecchioni

Notable People and Personalities

Sergio Acevedo (born 1956), Argentine Justicialist Party Politician
Sergio Aguayo (born 1947), Mexican Academic And Human Rights Activist
Sergio Agüero, Argentine Footballer
Sergio Ahumada (born 1948), Retired Chilean Footballer
Sergio Albeverio (born 1939), Swiss Mathematician
Sergio Alejandro Ortega Cantero (born 1988), Paraguayan Football Midfielder
Sergio Alfafara (born 1920), Cebuano Visayan Writer
Sergio Allievi (born 1964), Retired German Football Player
Sergio Almaguer (born 1969), Mexican Coach And Former Defender And Striker
Sergio álvarez Boulet (born 1979), Cuban Weightlifter
Sergio álvarez Conde (born 1986), Spanish Footballer
Sergio álvarez Díaz (born 1992), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Amidei, Italian Screenwriter
Sergio Andreoli (born 1922), Italian Footballer
Sergio Apostol (born 1935), Filipino Lawyer And Politician
Sergio Aquino (born 1979), Paraguayan Football Player Of Argentine Descent
Sergio Aragonés (born 1937) Spanishcartoonist
Sergio Aragoneses (born 1977), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Araujo (born 1992), Argentine Footballer
Sergio Arias (born 1988), Mexican Footballer
Sergio Arredondo, Mexican Bullfighter
Sergio Arruda, Brazilian Diplomat, Ambassador Of Brazil In Malaysia
Sergio Asenjo, Spanish Footballer
Sergio Assad, Brazilian Guitarist, Composer, And Arranger
Sergio Atzeni (1952–1995), Italian Writer
Sergio ávila, Mexican Footballer
Sergio Babb (born 1982), Dutch Footballer
Sergio Badilla Castillo (born 1947), Chilean Poet
Sergio Bagú (1911–2002), Argentinian Marxist Historian, Sociologist And Political Philosopher
Sergio Balanzino (born 1934), Italian Diplomat
Sergio Ballesteros (born 1975), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Bambaren (born 1960) Peruvian Writer
Sergio Barbero (born 1969), Italian Racing Cyclist
Sergio Barila (born 1973), Retired Spanish-born Equatoguinean Footballer
Sergio Barreda (1951–2002), Peruvian Surfer And Surfboard Shaper
Sergio Basañez (born 1970) Telenovela Actor
Sergio Bastida (born 1979), Argentine Football Player
Sergio Batista (born 1962), Former Argentine Football Player
Sergio Battistini (born 1963), Italian Former Football Player
Sergio Bello (1942) Italian Former Sprinter
Sergio Benedetti (born 1942), Italian Art Historian
Sergio Bergamelli (born 1970), Italian Former Alpine Skier
Sergio Berlato (born 1959), Italian Politician
Sergio Berlioz (born 1963), Mexican Composer And Musicologist
Sergio Bernal (born 1970), Retired Mexican Football Player
Sergio Bernardino (born 1953), Association Footballer Who Played Striker
Sergio Bernardo Almirón (born 1980), Argentine Football Midfielder
Sergio Berti (born 1969), Retired Argentine Professional Football Player, Nicknamed La Bruja
Sergio Bertoni (1915–1995), Italian Footballer
Sergio Bianchetto (born 1939), Italian Racing Cyclist And Olympic Champion
Sergio Bizzio, Argentine Writer And Director
Sergio Blanco (born 1981), Uruguayan Football (soccer) Striker
Sergio Bonelli (1932–2011), Italian Comic Book Author And Publisher
Sergio Boris, Argentine Film Actor
Sergio Braga (born 1984), Brazilian Footballer
Sergio Bravo (born 1927), Mexican Football Defender
Sergio Brighenti (born 1932), Italian Former Football Player And Coach
Sergio Brio (born 1956), Former Italian Footballer In The Role Of Centre Back
Sergio Brown (born 1988), American Football Safety
Sergio Bruni (1921–2003), Italian Singer, Guitarist And Songwriter
Sergio Bueno (born 1962), Mexican Football Manager
Sergio Bufarini (born 1963), Former Argentine Football Player
Sergio Buso (1950–2011), Italian Football Coach And Goalkeeper
Sergio Busquets (born 1988), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Bustamante, Mexican Artist And Sculptor
Sergio Bustos (born 1972), Retired Argentine Football Player
Sergio Cabrera (born 1985), Male Swimmer From Paraguay
Sergio Calderón (born 1945), Mexican Actor
Sergio Calderon, Former Mayor Of Maywood, California
Sergio Calligaris (born 1941), Pianist, Composer, Piano Teacher From Argentina
Sergio Cammariere (born 1960), Italian Jazz Singer/songwriter
Sergio Campana (born 1934), Italian Lawyer And Former Professional Footballer
Sergio Campana (racing Driver) (born 1986), Italian Racing Driver
Sergio Campbell (born 1992), Jamaican International Footballer
Sergio Canales (born 1991), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Canamasas (born 1988), Racing Driver From Spain
Sergio Caprari (born 1932), Former Italian Boxer And Olympic Silver Medallist
Sergio Caputo (1954) Italian Artist, Composer And Guitarist
Sergio Cariello (born 1964), Brazilian-american Comic Book Artist
Sergio Carlo (born 1977), Dominican Actor
Sergio Carnesalini (born 1982), Italian Footballer
Sergio Carpanesi (born 1936), Retired Italian Professional Football Player And Coach
Sergio Casal (born 1962), Former Professional Tennis Player From Spain
Sergio Cassiano (born 1967), Brazilian Composer, Percussionist, Writer, Producer, And Bandleader
Sergio Castelletti (1937–2004), Italian Professional Footballer And Manager
Sergio Castellitto (born 1953), Italian Actor And Director
Sergio Cervato (1929–2005), Italian Football (soccer) Player
Sergio Chejfec, Argentine Jewish Writer
Sergio Chiamparino (born 1948), The Mayor Of Turin, Italy From 2001 To 2011
Sergio Ciattaglia, Former Argentine Footballer
Sergio Citti (1933–2005), Italian Film Director And Screenwriter
Sergio Clerici (born 1941), Retired Brazilian Footballer
Sergio Codognato (born 1944), Retired Italian Professional Football Player And Coach
Sergio Cofferati (born 1948), Italian Politician And Former Cgil (trade Union) Leader
Sergio Coggiola, Italian Designer, Mainly Of Automobiles
Sergio Contreras (born 1980), Mexican Minor League Outfielder And First Baseman
Sergio Corbucci (1927–1990), Italian Film Director
Sergio Corino (born 1974), Spanish Retired Footballer
Sergio Coronado (born 1970), Member Of The National Assembly Of France
Sergio Corrieri (1938–2008), Cuban Actor
Sergio Cortes (born 1968), Former Professional Tennis Player From Chile
Sergio Coterón (born 1961), Retired Basketball Player
Sergio Cragnotti (born 1940), Italian Entrepreneur And Author
Sergio Cravero, Italian Chief Executive Officer (ceo) Of Italian Car Maker Alfa Romeo Until Spring 2010
Sergio Cresto (usa) (1956–1986), Co-driver Of Henri Toivonen For The 1986 World Rally Championship Season
Sergio D'asnasch (born 1934), Italian Former Sprinter
Sergio Dalma, Spanish Pop Singer
Sergio De Bustamante (born 1934), Mexican Actor Of Telenovelas, Cinema, Dubbing And Theater
Sergio De Camargo (1930–1990), Born In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Sergio De Castro, Chilean Economist, Served The Military Junta As Economy And Finance Minister
Sergio De Queiroz Duarte (born 1934), Former Brazilian Diplomat
Sergio Dellapergola (born 1942), Italian-born Israeli Professor And Demographic Expert
Sergio Denis (born 1949), Argentine Singer-songwriter And Occasional Actor
Sergio Díaz (born 1985), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Díaz Castilla (born 1991), Spanish Footballer
Sergio Diduch, Argentine Association Football Player
Sergio Doménech (born 1976), Spanish Judoka
Sergio Domini (born 1961), Retired Italian Professional Football Player
Sergio Donati (born 1933), Italian Screenwriter
Sergio Dorantes (born 1946), Mexican Photojournalist Jailed For The Murder Of His Wife
Sergio Echigo (born 1945), Nisei Japanese Brazilian Football (soccer) Player
Sergio Endrigo (1933–2005), Italian Singer-songwriter
Sergio Ermotti, Swiss Banker From Lugano, Switzerland
Sergio Escalante (born 1986), Argentine Footballer
Sergio Escalona, Relief Pitcher For The Houston Astros Of Major League Baseball
Sergio Escobar (born 1974), Spanish World Champion Track Cyclist
Sergio Escobedo (1931–2009), Mexican Modern Pentathlete And Fencer
Sergio Escudero (born 1983), Argentine Football Left Winger Or Left Back
Sergio Escudero (born In 1964) (born 1964), Former Argentine-japanese Football Player
Sergio Escudero (born In 1988) (born 1988), Naturalized Japanese Football Player
Sergio Esquenazi (born 1974), Argentine Filmmaker
Sergio Fachelli, Uruguay Singer And Song-writer
Sergio Fajardo (born 1956), Colombian Mathematician Turned Politician
Sergio Fantoni, (born 1930), Italian Actor
Sergio Fedee (born 1983), West Indian Cricketer
Sergio Fernández álvarez (born 1975), Spanish Retired Footballer
Sergio Ferrara (born 1945), Italian Physicist
Sergio Ferrari (born 1943), Retired Italian Professional Football Player
Sergio Ferrer (born 1951), Former Major League Baseball Shortstop
Sergio Fiorentino (1927–1998), Italian Classical Pianist
Sergio Flamigni (born 1925), Italian Politician And Writer
Sergio Floccari (born 1981), Italian Footballer
Sergio Flores (born 1985), Former American Footballer Of Bolivian Descent
Sergio Focardi, Italian Physicist, Emeritus Professor At The University Of Bologna
Sergio Franchi (1926–1990), Italian-born Tenor And Actor
Sergio Francisco (born 1979), Spanish Professional Footballer
Sergio Frascoli (born 1936), Retired Italian Professional Football Player
Sergio Frusoni (1901–1975), Poet And Promoter Of The Cape Verdean Creole Language
Sergio Fubini (1928–2005), Italian Theoretical Physicist
Sergio Furlan (born 1940), Italian Former Sailor Who Competed In The 1964 Summer Olympics
Sergio García De La Fuente (born 1983), Spanish Footballer
Sergio García, Spanish Golfer
Sergio González Soriano, Spanish Footballer
Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (born 1945), Mexican Priest
Sergio Gutiérrez Ferrol (born 1989), Tennis Player From Spain
Sergio Hellings, Dutch Footballer
Sergio Hernandez, Spanish Race Car Driver
Sergio Hugo Sánchez Ballivián, Bolivian Diplomat, Former Ambassador Of Bolivia To Russia
Sergio Jarlaz, Chilean Singer.
Sergio Kindle, American Football Player
Sergio Leone, Italian Film Director
Sergio Marchionne, Italian Businessman
Sergio Mariotti, Italian Chess Player
Sergio Markarian, Uruguayan Football Manager
Sergio Marqués Fernández (1946–2012), Spanish Politician And Lawyer
Sergio Martínez, Argentine Boxer
Sergio Martino, Italian Film Director
Sergio Méndez Arceo (1907–1992), Mexican Bishop, Activist, Human Rights Supporter
Sergio Momesso, Canadian Ice Hockey Player
Sergio Moraes Castanheira Brandao, Brazilian Tv Journalist And Science Communicator
Sergio Oliva (1941–2012), American Bodybuilder
Sergio Omar Almirón (born 1958), Retired Argentine Football Centre-forward
Sergio Ortega, Chilean Composer And Pianist
Sergio Oscar Almirón (born 1985), Argentine Football Defender
Sergio Osmeña, Former President Of The Philippines (1944–1946)
Sergio Osmeña, Iii (born 1943), Senator Of The Republic Of The Philippines
Sergio Paulo Barbosa (born 1980), Aka Duda, Portuguese Footballer
Sergio Pellissier, Italian Footballer
Sergio Peña Clos (born 1927), Puerto Rican Politician And Former Senator
Sergio Pérez (born 1990), Mexican Racing Driver
Sergio Pininfarina, Italian Automobile Designer
Sergio Pizzorno, Guitarist And Lead Song Writer Of The English Band Kasabian
Sergio Rafael Da Costa (born 1985), Brazilian Footballer
Sergio Ramos, Spanish Footballer
Sergio Rey, Spanish Boxer
Sergio Rogelio Castillo (born 1970), Former Argentine–bolivian Football Midfielder
Sergio Rossi, Italian Fashion Designer
Sergio Rubini, Italian Actor And Film Director
Sergio Salvador Aguirre Anguiano (born 1943), Mexican Jurist
Sergio Savarese, Italian Furniture Designer
Sergio Sollima, Italian Film Director
Sergio Tacchini, Italian Fashion Designer
Sergio Tofano, Italian Actor
Sergio Torres, Argentine Footballer
Sergio Valenti, Argentine Footballer
Sergio Van Dijk (born 1982), Dutch Football Player
Sergio Villalobos, Chilean Historian
Sergio Villarreal Barragán (born 1969), Former Mexican Federal Police Officer
Sergio Y Estíbaliz (born 1948), And Estíbaliz Uranga Amézaga (born 1952), Spanish Vocal Duo
Sergio Zarzar Andonie (born 1952), Chilean Entrepreneur, Conservative Politician
Sérgio Abreu (born 1975), Brazilian Actor And Reality Tv Personality
Sérgio Araújo, Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Azevedo (born 1968), Portuguese Composer Of Contemporary Classical Music
Sérgio Baresi (born 1973), Former Brazilian Football Player
Sérgio Britto (born 1959), Brazilian Keyboardist And Singer
Sérgio Burgani, Brazilian Clarinettist
Sérgio Cabral Filho (born 1963), Brazilian Politician And Journalist
Sérgio Comba (born 1979), Argentine Footballer
Sérgio Conceição (born 1974), Portuguese Retired Footballer
Sérgio Da Silva Andrade (born 1982), Portuguese Footballer
Sérgio Dias (born 1951), Brazilian Rock Musician, Composer And Guitar Player
Sérgio Eduardo Ferreira Da Cunha (born 1972), Retired Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Estanislau Do Amaral (1925–1996), Brazilian Geologist
Sérgio Farias (born 1967), Brazilian Football Manager
Sérgio Ferro (born 1938), Brazilian Painter, Architect, And Professor
Sérgio Filipe Da Silva Barge (born 1984), Portuguese Footballer
Sérgio Henrique Ferreira (born 1934), Brazilian Physician And Pharmacologist
Sérgio Luís De Araújo (born 1970), Brazilian Football Player And Goalkeeper
Sérgio Luís Donizetti (born 1964), Association Footballer Player
Sérgio Manoel, Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Manuel Costa Carneiro (born 1991), Portuguese Footballer
Sérgio Mendes Coimbra (born 1988), Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Mendes, Brazilian Musician
Sérgio Paranhos Fleury (1933–1979), Brazilian Police Deputy
Sérgio Paulo Nascimento Filho (born 1988), Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Pereira Couto (born 1967), Portuguese-brazilian Writer
Sérgio Rodrigo Penteado Dias (born 1980), Brazilian Footballer
Sérgio Vieira De Mello, Brazilian Un Diplomat