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Name Root:
It is a given name derived from the Irish surname “Ó Raghallaigh or the Anglicised form O’Reilly.” The origin of this name is still today quite uncertain. The theories include: 1) The name is composed of two elements: from the Gaelic “ràgh” (Irish: Rás; Proto-Germanic: *rēsō), meaning “race” plus the Irish and Scottish Gaelic “Caillech”, meaning “veiled one”, an adjectival form of “caille”, meaning “veil”. In Gaelic mythology, Cailleach is a divine hag, a creator deity and weather deity, and possibly an ancestor deity. 2) From an Old English surname and place name, from the root “roggo lēah,” meaning “rye clearing” (rye, type of grain). The Ó Raghallaigh family were part of the Connachta, with the eponymous Raghallach said to have died at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. The family became the kings of East Breifne, modern-day County Cavan, and County Longford.



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Numerological Values: #6

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Chakra Number: #6
Third Eye "Ajna"

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the life of riley
the lightning seeds

Notable People and Personalities

Riley A. Bender (1890–1973), American Businessman And Politician
Riley B. King (b.b. King) (born 1925), African-american Songwriter, Vocalist And Guitarist
Riley Breckenridge (1975), American Musician
Riley Brett (1895–1982), American Race Car Driver
Riley Chamberlin (1852–1917), American Silent Film Actor
Riley Cote (born 1982), Canadian Ice Hockey Player
Riley Darnell (1940), American Secretary Of State Of Tennessee
Riley E. Stratton (1823–1866), Associate Justice Of The Oregon Supreme Court
Riley Franklin Mcconnell (1884–1940), American Recipient Of The Navy Cross
Riley Hern (1880–1929), Canadian Ice Hockey Player
Riley J. Wilson (1871–1946), American Educator, Attorney
Riley Keough (1989), American Model, Granddaughter Of Elvis Presley
Riley L. Pitts (1937–1967), First African-american To Be Awarded The Medal Of Honor
Riley Martin (born 1946), American Author
Riley Matheson (1914–1987), American American Football Player
Riley Mattson (born 1938), American American Football Player
Riley Nash (born 1989), Canadian Ice Hockey Player
Riley O'neill (born 1985), Canadian Soccer Player
Riley Odoms (born 1950), American American Football Player
Riley P. Bechtel (born 1952), American Businessman
Riley Puckett (1894–1946), American Musician
Riley Salmon (born 1976), American Volleyball Player
Riley Schillaci (born 1982), American Sword Swallower
Riley Skinner (born 1986), American College Football Player
Riley Smith (1911–1999), American Football Player
Riley Smith (born 1978), American Actor
Riley Steele (born 1987), American Adult Actress
Riley Swanson (born 1984), American Football Player
Riley Thomson (1912–1960), American Animator And Comics Artist
Riley Wallace (born 1941), American College Basketball Coach
Riley Weston (born 1966), American Actress