masculine László

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Name Root:
vladěti / vladétʹ ‎sláva > Vladislav
This name derives from the Slavic “Vladislav (Владислав),” composed of two elements: “vladěti ‎(владѣти) vladétʹ ‎(владе́ть)” (to rule, to own, possess, be master of, own, govern, control, to master, manage) plus “sláva ‎(сла́ва)” (glory, fame, renown, honor, repute, reputation). In turn, the name means “to rule with glory, glorious lord, one who commands fame.” Vladislaus I (1065–1125) was Duke of Bohemia from 1109 to 1117 and from 1120 until his death. Vladislav I was a son of Duke, later King Vratislaus II of Bohemia, by his second wife, Svatava, a daughter of Casimir I of Poland. The name is popular among all Slavic nations as well as some neighboring non-Slavic countries.


hungarian (magyar)
hungarian (magyar)

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hungarian (magyar)
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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #5

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Notable People and Personalities

László Almásy (1895-1951), Hungarian Aristocrat, Motorist, Aviator And Explorer
László Andor, Hungarian Economist And Politician
László Arany, Hungarian Writer
László Bálint, Hungarian Footballer And Football Manager
László Banhegyi, Hungarian Basketball Player
László Bardossy, Hungarian Politician
László Bellak, Hungarian-american World Champion Tennis Player
László Benedek, Hungarian Director
László Berti, Hungarian Fencer
László Bíró, The Inventor Of The Ballpoint Pen
László Bodnar, Hungarian Footballer
László Bodrogi, Hungarian-french Road Cyclist
László Bölöni, Romanian Football Player And Coach
László Budai, Hungarian Footballer And Football Manager
László Cseh (1985), Hungarian Swimmer
László Cseh, Hungarian Footballer
László Csongrái, Hungarian Fencer
László Disztl, Hungarian Footballer And Football Manager
László Eger, Hungarian Footballer
László Fabian, Hungarian Fencer
László Fazekas, Hungarian Football Player And Coach
László Felkai, Hungarian Water Polo Player
László Fidel, Hungarian Canoeist
László Foltán, Hungarian Canoeist
László Gabányi, Hungarian Basketball Player
László Göncz, Slovenian Political, Historical And Poet
László Hadady, Hungarian Oboist
László Heltay, Hungarian-british Conductor And Founder Of Schola Cantorum Of Oxford
László Hodi, Hungarian-australian Basketball Player
László Horváth, Hungarian Pentathlete
László Jeney, Hungarian Water Polo Player
László József Bíró, Hungarian Journalist And Inventor
László Kamuti, Hungarian Fencer
László Kaszás, Hungarian Footballer
László Kish, Hungarian Director And Screenwriter
László Kiss, Hungarian Footballer
László Kósa, Hungarian Fustal Soccer Player
László Köteles, Hungarian Footballer
László Kovács (1933–2007), Hungarian-american Cinematographer
László Kovács, Hungarian Footballer
László Kovács, Hungarian Politician And Diplomat
László Kovács, Hungarian-born American Photographer
László Kubala (1927-2002), Hungarian Footballer
László Kuncz, Hungarian Water Polo Player
László Lajtha († 1963), Hungarian Composer
László Lekai, Hungarian Cardinal
László Lovasz, Hungarian Mathematician
László Lukács, Hungarian Politician
László Marosi, Hungarian Conductor
László Moholy-nagy, Hungarian Painter And Photographer
László Nagy, Hungarian Footballer
László Nagy, Swiss Educator And Writer
László Németh, Hungarian Writer
László Novakovszky, Hungarian Basketball Player
László Papp (1926–2003) Hungarian Boxer
László Paskai, Hungarian Catholic Cardinal And Archbishop
László Pethő, Hungarian Fencer
László Polgár, Hungarian Chess Player
László Pusztai, Hungarian Footballer
László Qiriko, Hungarian Fustal Soccer Player
László Raffinsky, Romanian Football Player And Coach
László Rajcsányi, Hungarian Fencer
László Rajk, Hungarian Politician
László Rózsa, Hungarian Fustal Soccer Player
Laszlo Sarosi, Hungarian Water Polo Player
László Sepsis, Romanian Footballer
Laszlo Solyom, Hungarian Politician
László Szabados, Hungarian Swimmer
László Szabó, Hungarian Chess Player
László Széchy, Hungarian Fencer
László Székely, Hungarian Footballer And Football Manager
László Szőke, Hungarian Footballer
László Szollás, Hungarian World Champion Pairs Skater
László Teleki, Hungarian Politician And Writer
László Tőkés, Romanian Protestant Pastor Andpolitician
László Zsadányi, Hungarian Fustal Soccer Player