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irish (gaelic)
Name Root:
It is the anglicized form of both Coinneach and Cináed. This name was borne by the Scottish king Kenneth (Cináed) Mac Alpin. 1) Coinneach means “fair or handsome,” more creative translations could be “child of the fair or handsome one, child of the wise ruler, child of the bright one, born of fire, fire-born, finely made, favored one, comely, or good looking.” 2) Cináed means son of Cionaodh (born of fire). Cion is an old Irish word for respect and affection, plus “Aodh,” a Gaelic personal name, initially the Celtic god of fire. The personal name probably means “beloved of Aodh.”



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gaelic (latinized)

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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #5

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Chakra Number: #5
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Notable People and Personalities

Kenneth Alford (1881–1945), British Composer
Kenneth Allott (1912–1973), British-irish Poet And Academic
Kenneth Amis (born 1970), American Tuba Player
Kenneth Anderson (born 1976), American Professional Wrestler
Kenneth Anger (born 1927), American Filmmaker, Actor And Author
Kenneth Arrow (born 1921), American Economist
Kenneth Baker (1912–1985), American Singer And Actor
Kenneth Baker (1926–2011), American Fiddle Player
Kenneth Baker (born 1934), British Politician
Kenneth Baker (born 1934), English Actor And Musician
Kenneth Baker (born 1970), American Journalist, Author, And Television Personality
Kenneth Benton, (1909–1999), British Mi6 Officer And Author
Kenneth Bigley (1942–2004), British Civil Engineer
Kenneth Box (born 1930), Retired Track And Field Sprinter
Kenneth Branagh (born 1960), British Actor, Director, Producer, And Screenwriter
Kenneth Burke (1897–1993), American Literary Theorist
Kenneth Calman (born 1941), Scottish Cancer Researcher
Kenneth Carpenter (born 1949), Japanese Paleontologist
Kenneth Chesney (born 1968), American Country Music Singer
Kenneth Clark (1903–1983), British Author And Art Historian
Kenneth Clark (1914–2005), African-american Psychologist
Kenneth Clarke (born 1940), British Conservative Politician
Kenneth Cole (born 1954), American Clothing Designer
Kenneth Colley (born 1937), English Actor
Kenneth Connor (1918–1993), English Comedy Stage, Film And Tv Actor
Kenneth Cope (born 1931), English Actor
Kenneth Cope (born 1961), American Composer
Kenneth Darling (1909–1998), British Army Officer
Kenneth Dover (1920–2010), British Academic
Kenneth Downing, Jr. (born 1951), British Guitarist, And Songwriter
Kenneth E. Boulding (1910–1993), English Economist, Educator, And Poet
Kenneth E. Hagin (1917–2003), American Pentecostal Preacher
Kenneth E. Iverson (1920–2004), Canadian Computer Scientist
Kenneth Edmonds (born 1959) American Singer–songwriter And Record Producer
Kenneth Fearing (1902–1961), American Poet, And Novelist
Kenneth Feinberg (born 1945), American Attorney
Kenneth Frampton (born 1930), British Architect
Kenneth G. Ross (born 1941), Australian Playwright And Screenwriter
Kenneth Gamble (born 1943), Songwriter And Producer
Kenneth Gorelick (kenny G) (born 1956), American Jazz Saxophonist
Kenneth Grahame (1859–1932), Scottish Writer
Kenneth Griffin (born 1968), American Hedge Fund Manager
Kenneth Halliwell (1926–1967), British Actor And Writer
Kenneth Ham (born 1964), Retired American Astronaut
Kenneth Horne (1907–1969), English Comedian And Businessman
Kenneth Hughes (born 1954), Canadian Politician
Kenneth J. Gergen (born 1935), American Psychologist
Kenneth Kaunda (born 1924), First President Of Zambia
Kenneth Keating (1900–1975), Us Senator
Kenneth Kendall (1924–2012), British Broadcaster
Kenneth Kennedy (1913–1985), Australian Olympic Speed Skater
Kenneth Kennedy (born 1941), Former Irish Rugby Union Player
Kenneth Kennedy (born June 26, 1930), American Anthropologist
Kenneth Kitchen (born 1932), Professor Emeritus Of Egyptology
Kenneth Koch (1925–2002), American Poet, Playwright, And Professor
Kenneth L. Hale (1934–2001), American Linguist
Kenneth Lay (1942–2006), American Businessman
Kenneth M. Taylor (1919–2006), American Wwii Pilot
Kenneth Ma (born 1974), Hong Kong Actor
Kenneth Mckellar (1869–1957), American Politician
Kenneth Mckellar (1927–2010), Scottish Tenor
Kenneth O'keefe (born 1969), Irish-palestinian Citizen And Activist
Kenneth Pérez (born 1974), Danish Former Professional Football Player
Kenneth Pike (1912–2000), American Linguist And Anthropologist
Kenneth Platts (1946–1989), British Composer
Kenneth R. Giddens (1908–1993), American Architect And Movie Theater Owner
Kenneth Rexroth (1905 –1982), American Poet, Translator And Critical Essayist
Kenneth Robinson (1911–1996), British Labour Politician
Kenneth Robinson (born 1950), English Author, Speaker, And International Advisor
Kenneth Rose (born 1924), British Royal Biographer
Kenneth Ross (1897–1959), American Inventor And Businessman
Kenneth Searight (1883–1957), British Linguist
Kenneth Shaw (born 1939), College Chancellor
Kenneth Thompson (born 1966), American Attorney
Kenneth Thomson (1923 –2006), Canadian Businessman
Kenneth Thomson (1930–1969), Scottish Footballer
Kenneth Tigar (born 1942), American Actor And Translator
Kenneth Tynan (1927–1980), English Theatre Critic And Writer
Kenneth Welsh (born 1942), Canadian-american Film And Television Actor
Kenneth Williams (1926–1988), English Comic Actor And Comedian