masculine Gérald

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Name Root:
*gaizaz *waldaʐ > Gervald / Gerwald
This name derives from the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) “Gervald,” composed of two Germanic elements: “*gaizaz” (spear, pike, javelin) and “*waldaʐ” (ruler, might, mighty one, power, powerful one). Géraud d’Aurillac (or Saint Gerald) is a French saint of the Roman Catholic Church, also recognized by other religious denominations of Christianity. Finally, it should be noted that, although phonetically similar, the name “Gerard” is not a variant of “Gerald,” even though the two names are often confused with one another. Gerald of Mayo († 731) is a saint of the Catholic Church. Born in Northumbria, the son of an Anglo-Saxon king, he was one of the English monks at Lindisfarne who accompanied Colmán of Lindisfarne to Iona and then to Ireland.



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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #2

If a person's name-number is 2, he is considered to be co-operative and highly adaptable to any circumstance in life. 2 is associated with teamwork, mediating and working for the goodness of others. People with the name-number 2 tend to be good friends and are kind, helpful individuals.

Chakra Number: #2
Sacral Chakra "Swadhisthana"

Orange is the color of your second chakra, which is located bellow the navel. The main energy of this color is creativity and feelings. Explore the color of your sacral chakra in depth and discover the gifts and challenges of orange color.

Color meaning: Orange

The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange relates to 'gut reaction' or our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

Name Songs

According to: itunes

mon prÉnom c'est gÉrald, pas gÉrard
gÉrald genty

Notable People and Personalities

GÉrald De Palmas (gÉrald Gardrinier) (born 1967) French Singer
GÉrald Leblanc (1945–2005) Acadian (french) Poet
GÉrald MossÉ (born 1967 ) French Jockey In Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Gerald Abrahams, English Chess Player, Writer And Barrister (lawyer)
Gerald Anderson, Filipino American Actor
Gerald Asamoah, Ghanaian-born German Football (soccer) Player
Gerald Berners, English Baron, British Composer Of Classical Music, Novelist, Painter
Gerald Birks, Canadian Fighter Ace In World War I
Gerald Brown, American Coach For College And Nfl American Football Player
Gerald Carr (born 1932) Retired Colonel In The Us Marine And Former Nasa Astronaut
Gerald Ciolek (born 1986) German Professional Road Bicycle Racer
Gerald Cohen, Professor Of Social And Political Theory At Oxford University
Gerald Delepine, Belgian Motorcycle Rider
Gerald Durrell, Naturalist, Zookeeper, Conservationist, Author, And Television Presenter
Gerald Emmett Carter (1912–2003) Canadian Prelate Of The Roman Catholic Church
Gerald Finzi (1901–1956) British Composer
Gerald Fitzgerald (1894–1969), American Clergyman
Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th Earl Of Kildare (1525–1585)
Gerald Fitzgerald, 14th Earl Of Kildare († 1612), Irish Peer
Gerald Fitzgerald, 15th Earl Of Desmond (~1533–1583), Leader Of The Irish Rebellion Of 1579
Gerald Fitzgerald, 15th Earl Of Kildare (1611–1620)
Gerald Fitzgerald, 3rd Earl Of Desmond (1335–1398)
Gerald Fitzgerald, 3rd Lord Decies († 1553)
Gerald Fitzgerald, 5th Duke Of Leinster (1851–1893), Irish Peer
Gerald Fitzgerald, 5th Earl Of Kildare († 1432), Irish Peer
Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Duke Of Leinster (1914–2004), Irish Peer
Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl Of Kildare (~1456–1513)
Gerald Fitzgerald, 9th Earl Of Kildare (1487–1534)
Gerald Fitzgerald, Lord Of Offaly († 1204)
Gerald Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald, 5th Earl Of Kildare († 1410)
Gerald Ford, 38th President Of The United States Of America
Gerald Gardiner, Baron Gardiner, Lord Chancellor From 1964 To 1970
Gerald Gardner, English Scholar Of Occultism
Gerald George Fitzgerald (1834–1904), New Zealand Politician
Gerald Götting, German Politician
Gerald Green, Jr. (born 1986) American Professional Basketball Player
Gerald Haslam (born 1937) American Books Author
Gerald Humphries (1908–1983) English Cricketer
Gerald Irving Ratner (born 1949), British Businessman
Gerald James Whitrow, English Mathematician, Cosmologist And Science Historian
Gerald Jermaine Wallace (born 1982) American Professional Basketball Player
Gerald Laird (born 1979), American Baseball Player
Gerald Lascelles, The Younger Son Of The 6th Earl Of Harewood And Princess Mary
Gerald Levert (1966–2006) American R&b Singer
Gerald Masters (1955–2007), English Songwriter And Musician
Gerald Nabarro, British Conservative Politician
Gerald Of Aurillac, French Saint Of The Roman Catholic Church
Gerald Of Braga, Saint Bishop Of Braga
Gerald Of Mayo, Saint Of The Roman Catholic Church
Gerald Of Toul (935–994) German Priest
Gerald Scarfe, English Cartoonist Cartoonist
Gerald Sensabaugh, Jr. (born 1983) American Football Player
Gerald Stephen (born 1946) American Lawyer, And Diplomat
Gerald Vincent Casale (born 1948), Vocalist, Bass Guitar/synthesizer Player
Gerald Vizenor (born 1934) Native American Writer, Novelist, Poet And Critic
Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke Of Wellington, A British Diplomat, Soldier, And Architect
Gerald William Trainor (born 1977) American Actor, Comedian, And Voice Actor