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scottish (gaelic)
Name Root:
This name derives from the Scottish (Gaelic) “dubh ghlas,” composed of two elements: “dubh” (dark, black) and “ghlas” (stream, river). The name means “black stream, one who comes from the dark river.” It is a male given name transferred from the surname. Douglas is a Scottish masculine given name that originated from the surname Douglas. Although today the name is almost exclusively given to boys, it was used as a girl’s name in the 17th and 18th-centuries, in the north of England. The Douglases are an Ancient Scottish kindred from the Scottish Lowlands taking their name from Douglas, South Lanarkshire; their leaders gained vast territories throughout the Scottish Borderland, Angus, Lothian, Moray in France, and Sweden. The Douglases were one of Scotland’s most powerful families, and indeed the most prominent family in lowland Scotland during the Late Middle Ages, often holding the real power behind the Stewart Kings’ throne.



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Notable People and Personalities

Douglas A. Anderson, American Author
Douglas A. Hicks, American Author
Douglas A. Ross, American Political Scientist
Douglas Abbott, Canadian Politician
Douglas Adams (1952–2001) English Writer, Humorist, And Dramatist
Douglas Albert Munro, American Armed Forces Member
Douglas Alexander, Scottish Politician
Douglas Applegate, American Politician
Douglas Bader, British Flying Ace
Douglas Barr, American Actor
Douglas Brinkley, American Author
Douglas C. Aagard, American Politician
Douglas Costa, Brazilian Footballer
Douglas Coupland, Canadian Novelist
Douglas Douglas-hamilton, 14th Duke Of Hamilton, Pioneering Aviator
Douglas Douglas-hamilton, 8th Duke Of Hamilton, 18th C. Scottish Peer
Douglas Fairbanks, American Actor
Douglas Franco Teixeira, Dutch Footballer
Douglas H. Ginsburg, American Judge
Douglas H. Wheelock, American Astronaut
Douglas Hamilton, British General, Surveyor And Big-game Hunter
Douglas Macarthur, American General
Douglas Robb (born 1975), American Musician (hoobastank)
Douglas RodrÍguez (boxer), Cuban Boxer
Douglas Simpson, Scottish Field Hockey Player