masculine Declan

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Name Root:
dēclārāre > dēclāro > declanus > Deaglán
The origin of this name is still today quite uncertain. One hypothesis is from the Latin “dēclārāre > dēclāro > declanus,” which means “to demonstrate, show, clarify, notify, officially proclaim.” Declán of Ardmore is one of the first Irish saints of the Déisi Muman, who was remembered for having converted the Déisi at the end of the 5th-century and for having founded the monastery of Ardmore (Ard Mór) in what is now Waterford.



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gaelic (latinized)

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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #3

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Chakra Number: #3
Solar Plexus Chakra "Manipura"

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Name Songs

Notable People and Personalities

Declan Affley (1939–1985), Australian singer and musician
Declan Barnes (born 1991), American photojournalist
Declan Bree (born 1951), Irish politician and social campaigner
Declan Costello (born 1926), Irish Attorney General
Declan Curry (born 1971), Irish journalist
Declan de Barra (born c. 1960), Irish musician, vocalist and bodhrán player
Declan Donnellan (born 1953), British theatre director
Declan Donnelly (born 1975), English television presenter and actor
Declan Galbraith (born 1991), English singer
Declan Ganley (born 1968), Irish businessman and political activist
Declan Kidney (born 1959), Irish rugby union coach
Declan Meehan (born 1976), Irish Gaelic footballer
Declan Nerney (born ~1970), Irish country music personality
Declan Patrick MacManus (Elvis Costello) (born 1954), british Musician, singer-songwriter
Declan Quinn (born 1957), American cinematographer
Declan Ryan (born 1968), Irish sportsman
Declan Sinnott (born ~1950), Irish musician