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old persian
Name Root:
Dārayavauš > Dâriûsh > Dāreîos > Dārīus
This name derives from the Ancient Greek “Dāreîos (Δᾱρεῖος),” which in turn derives from the Old Persian “Dārayavauš > Dâriûsh > Dārīus,” meaning “to possess, who owns/possesses the well, who maintains the well.” The Old Persian form is also seen to have been reflected in the Elamite “Da-ri-(y)a-ma-u-iš,” Akkadian “Da-(a-)ri-ia-(a-)muš,” Aramaic “dryhwš” and archaizing “drywhwš.” 1) Darius ‘Dārayava(h)uš’ I was the third king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Also called Darius the Great, he ruled the empire at its peak, when it included much of West Asia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, parts of the Balkans (Bulgaria-Pannonia), portions of north and northeast Africa including Egypt (Mudrâya), eastern Libya, coastal Sudan, Eritrea, as well as most of Pakistan, the Aegean Islands, and northern Greece / Thrace-Macedonia. 2) Darius II was king of the Persian Empire from 423 BC to 405 BC. 3) Saints Chrysanthus and Daria are saints of the Early Christian period. Their names appear in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, an early martyr’s list, and a church was built in their honor over their reputed burial place in Rome.



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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #2

If a person's name-number is 2, he is considered to be co-operative and highly adaptable to any circumstance in life. 2 is associated with teamwork, mediating and working for the goodness of others. People with the name-number 2 tend to be good friends and are kind, helpful individuals.

Chakra Number: #2
Sacral Chakra "Swadhisthana"

Orange is the color of your second chakra, which is located bellow the navel. The main energy of this color is creativity and feelings. Explore the color of your sacral chakra in depth and discover the gifts and challenges of orange color.

Color meaning: Orange

The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange relates to 'gut reaction' or our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

Name Songs

According to: itunes

si tu vas dario
moi, dario
dario moreno

Notable People and Personalities

Dario Alioto, Italian Poker Player
Dario Allevi, Italian Politician
Dario Ambrosini (1918–1951) Italian Grand Prix Motorcycle Road Racer
Dario Andriotto, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario Antiseri, Italian Philosopher
Dario Antoniozzi, Italian Politician
Dario Argento (born 1940) Italian Film Director, Producer And Screenwriter
Dario Aspesani, Italian Singer-songwriter And Multi-instrumentalist
Dario Baccin, Italian Footballer
Dario Badinelli, Italian Athlete
Dario Baldan Bembo (born 1948) Italian Composer, Singer-songwriter And Musician
Dario Baldi, Italian Film Director And Screenwriter
Dario Ballantini (born 1964), Italian Comedian, Painter And Actor
Dario Baruffi, Italian Footballer And Football Manager
Dario Bellezza, Italian Poet, Writer And Playwright
Dario Beni, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario Bernazza, Italian Essayist
Dario Bertazzoli, Italian Water Polo Player
Dario Biasi, Italian Footballer
Dario Bonetti, Italian Footballer And Football Manager
Dario Braga, Italian Chemical
Dario Buzzolan, Italian Writer
Dario Calimani, Italian Literary Critic
Dario Casalini, Italian Actor
Dario Cassini, Italian Actor And Comedian
Dario Castello, Italian Composer
Dario Castiglio, Italian Actor
Dario Cataldo, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario Cavallito, Italian Footballer
Dario Chiazzolino, Italian Guitarist
Dario Ciffo, Italian Musician
Dario Colagè, Italian Jockey
Dario Cologna, Swiss Skier
Dario Compiani, Italian Footballer
Dario Dainelli, Italian Footballer
Dario Damjanović, Bosnian Footballer
Dario David Cioni, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario De Grassi, Italian Actor And Dubber
Dario De Luca, Italian Actor, Playwright And Director
Dario Del Corno, Italian Greek Scholar
Dario Desi, Italian Radio Host
Dario Di Giannatale, Italian Footballer And Football Manager
Dario Di Vico, Italian Journalist
Dario Dolci, Italian Footballer
Dario Donà, Italian Footballer
Dario Dussin, Italian Footballer
Dario Fertilio, Italian Journalist And Writer
Dario Flag, Italian Actor And Showman
Dario Floreano, Italian Scientist
Dario Fo (born 1926) Italian Actor-playwright, Comedian, Theatre Director And Stage Designer
Dario Franceschini (born 1958) Italian Lawyer, Writer And Politician
Dario Franchitti, British Racing Driver
Dario Frigo, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario Gai, Italian Football Player And Coach
Dario Galli, Italian Poet
Dario Gay, Italian Singer
Dario Giacomelli, Italian Architect
Dario Ginefra, Italian Politician
Dario Giuseppetti, German Motorcycle Racer
Dario Gonzatti, Italian Inventor And Diver I
Dario Gospels, Italian Boxer
Dario Guzzon, Italian Comic Book Writer And Illustrator
Dario Hübner (born 1967), Italian Football (soccer) Player
Dario Knezevic, Croatian Footballer
Dario Kostović, Swiss Ice Hockey Player
Dario Laruffa, Italian Journalist
Dario Levanto, Italian Footballer And Football Manager
Dario Lezcano, Paraguayan Footballer
Dario Livraghi, Italian Policeman
Dario Mackerel, Italian Photographer And Writer
Dario Mairano, Italian Comic Book Artist
Dario Mangiarotti, Italian Fencer
Dario Mansilla, Argentine Basketball Player
Dario Maraschin, Italian Entrepreneur And Sports Manager
Dario Marcolin, Italian Football Player And Coach
Dario Marianelli, Italian Composer
Dario Marigo, Italian Footballer And Football Manager
Dario Matteoni, Italian Historian And Art Critic
Dario Micheli, Italian Set And Costume Designer
Dario Migliardi, Italian Director
Dario Minieri, Italian Poker Player
Dario Mora (lele Mora) (born 1955), Italian Manager And Scout
Dario Morello, Italian Footballer
Dario Niccodemi, Italian Playwright, Screenwriter
Dario Oliviero (gabriel Garko), Italian Actor
Dario Oppido, Italian Director And Dubber
Dario Ortolani, Italian Journalist And Writer
Dario Paccino, Italian Journalist, Writer And Essayist
Dario Pallaoro, Italian Politician
Dario Parisini, Italian Guitarist
Dario Passoni, Italian Footballer
Dario Penne, Italian Actor And Dubber
Dario Perucca, Italian Comic Book Artist
Dario Piana, Italian Film Director And Screenwriter
Dario Pieri, Italian Road Cyclist
Dario Pighin, Italian Footballer
Dario Pinelli Italian Guitarist
Dario Quintavalle, Italian Director Of Public
Dario Razzi, Italian Magistrate
Dario Resta, British Racing Driver
Dario Rivolta, Italian Politician
Dario Robbiani, Swiss-italian Journalist, Writer And Politician
Dario Rosciglione, Italian Composer And Bassist
Dario Rossi, Italian Football Player And Coach
Dario Sabbatucci Italian Anthropologist
Dario Sala, Poet, Italian Writer And Pacifist
Dario Saletta, Italian Ice Hockey Player And Sports Manager
Dario Salvatori, Italian Journalist, Music Critic, Radio Host And Writer
Dario Sanguin, Italian Footballer
Dario Savio, Italian Footballer
Dario Scaglione, Italian Partisan
Dario Seratoni, Italian Footballer
Dario Šimić (born 1975) Retired Croatian Football Player
Dario Simion, Swiss Ice Hockey Player
Dario Smoje, Croatian Footballer
Dario Squeri, Italian Politician
Dario Succi, Italian Painter And Engraver
Dario Tonani, Italian Writer And Journalist
Dario Valori, Italian Journalist And Politician
Dario Varotari, Italian Architect And Painter
Dario Varotari, Italian Painter, Engraver And Poet
Dario Venegoni, Italian Writer And Journalist
Dario Vergassola (born 1957), Italian Comedian And Singer
Dario Vernè, Italian Luthier
Dario Vidosic, Croatian Footballer
Dario Voltolini, Italian Writer
Dario Vujičević (born 1990) Bosnian- Croatian Professional Footballer
Dario Zanelli, Italian Journalist And Film Critic
Darío Amaral, Brazilian Fencer
Darío Bottinelli, Argentine Footballer
Darío Castrillon Hoyos, Colombian Cardinal
Darío Conca, Argentine Footballer
Darío Cvitanich, Argentine Footballer
Darío De Regoyos, Spanish Painter
Darío Delgado, Costa Rican Footballer
Darío Franco, Argentine Footballer And Football Manager
Darío Grandinetti, Argentine Actor
Darío Muchotrigo, Peruvian Footballer
Darío Ocampo, Argentine Footballer
Darío Pereyra, Uruguayan Footballer And Football Coach
Darío Rodríguez, Uruguayan Footballer
Darío Rojas, Bolivian Footballer
Darío Silva, Uruguayan Footballer
Darío Siviski, Argentine Footballer
Darío Stefanatto, Argentine Footballer
Darío Verón, Paraguayan Footballer