masculine Clive

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old english (anglo-saxon)
Name Root:
*klibą > CLIF
It is an Old English (Anglo-Saxon) pre-7th-century surname, from the Old English “clif,” from the Proto-Germanic “*klibą” meaning “a cliff; a group of rocks or crag.” There are two possible interpretations; firstly, the surname may be a place name from “cliff” in Hampshire and Warwickshire, north and south Cliff in the east riding of Yorkshire, Cliffe in Kent, King’s Cliffe in Northamptonshire, or Cliffe in the north riding of Yorkshire. The name means “slope, bank, cliff.” The Old English (Anglo-Saxon) word was used not only in the sense of the modern English “cliff” but also of much gentler slopes, and frequently also of a riverbank. Clivia is a genus of flowering plants native to southern Africa (only in South Africa and Swaziland). Common names are Natal lily or bush lily. The genus name is a tribute to Lady Clive, Duchess of Northumberland.



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Numerological Values: #6

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Chakra Number: #6
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Notable People and Personalities

Clive Allen (born 1961) Retired English Footballer
Clive Barker (1952) English Author, Film Director And Visual Artist
Clive Barker (born 1944) South African Football (soccer) Coach
Clive Bell (1881–1964), English Art Critic
Clive Brook (1887–1974) British Film Actor
Clive Bunker (30 1946) British Rock Drummer
Clive Burr (1957–2013) English Drummer
Clive Chin (born 1954) Chinese-jamaican Record Producer
Clive Cussler (born 1931) American Adventure Novelist And Marine Archaeologist
Clive Davis (born 1932) Record Producer And Music Industry Executive
Clive Granger (1934–2009) British Economist
Clive Mantle (born 1957) English Actor
Clive Owen (born 1964) English Actor
Clive Puzey (born 1941) Former Rhodesian Racing Driver
Clive Revill (born 1930) New Zealand-british Character Actor
Clive Rowlands (born 1938) Former Welsh Rugby Union Footballer And Later Coach
Clive Ruggles (born 1952) British Astronomer, Archaeologist And Academic
Clive Russell (born 1945) British Actor
Clive Sinclair (born 1940) English Entrepreneur And Inventor
Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963), Irish Novelist, Poet, Academic, Medievalist, Literary Critic
Clive Walker (born 1957) Retired English Footballer
Clive Williams (born 1948) Former Wales International Rugby Union Player
Clive Woodward (born 1956) English Former Rugby Union Player And Coach