masculine Chad

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Name Root:
(*katus / cad > CEADDA)
This name derives from the Celtic “ceadda,” influenced by the obscure Proto-Celtic and Welsh word “*katus / cad,” meaning “warrior, battle “leader.” Chad of Mercia (Old English: Ceadda) was a prominent 7th-century Anglo-Saxon churchman who became abbot of several monasteries, Bishop of the Northumbrians, and subsequently Bishop of the Mercians.



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old english (anglo-saxon)

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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #7

Number 7 individuals are analytical and inquisitive. They have a thirst for knowledge and often make great academics, researchers or scientists. They have a strong sense of independence and tend to do things their own way. Number 7 individuals are believed to be self-reliant and may come across as reserved.

Chakra Number: #7
Crown Chakra "Sahasrara"

Violet is the color of the crown chakra and it is the color of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness. It is a unifying color, the color of oneness and spirituality. The energy of this color is very healing and can soothe away pain. Learn more about this powerful spiritual color.

Color meaning: Violet

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Notable People and Personalities

Chad Allan (born 1943), Canadian Musician And Founding Member Of The Guess Who
Chad Allen (born 1974), American Actor
Chad Allen (born 1975), American Baseball Player
Chad Ashton (born 1967), Retired American Soccer Player
Chad Butler (1973–2007), American Rapper
Chad Butler (born 1974), American Drummer For Switchfoot
Chad Channing (born 1967), Former Drummer (nirvana)
Chad Durbin (born 1977), American Baseball Player
Chad Everett (1936–2012), American Actor
Chad Gray (born 1971), American Lead Singer (mudvayne And Hellyeah)
Chad Henne (born 1985), American Football Player
Chad Hugo (born 1974), American Record Producer
Chad I. Ginsburg (born 1972), Lead Guitarist And Producer (cky)
Chad Johnson (born 1978), American Football Player
Chad Kroeger (born 1974), Lead Singer And Guitarist (nickelback)
Chad Le Clos (born 1992), South African Olympic Gold Medallist In Swimming
Chad Levitt (born 1975), American Nfl Football Player
Chad Michael Murray (born 1981), American Actor
Chad Pennington (born 1976), American Football Player
Chad Peralta (born 1985), Filipino-australian Singer And Actor
Chad Randall (born 1980), Harlequins Rugby League Player
Chad Robinson (born 1980), Harlequins Rugby League Player
Chad Sexton (born 1970), Drummer (311)
Chad Smith (born 1961), American Musician And Drummer (red Hot Chili Peppers)
Chad Stuart (born 1941), One Half Of The Pop Duo Of Chad & Jeremy
Chad Trujillo (born 1973), American Astronomer
Chad Urmston (born 1976), American Musician, Singer And Guitarist (dispatch And State Radio)
Chad Varah (1911–2007), Founder Of The Samaritans, Crisis Hotline Organization
Chad Vaughn (born 1980), American Weightlifter
Chad Wackerman (born 1960), American Drummer