masculine Cédric

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old english (anglo-saxon)
Name Root:
(caredig / Cedrych) (car > Caratacos)
The origin of this name is still quite uncertain today. According to some interpretations, it is derived from Anglo-Saxon, while others may be connected to “Caratacos,” a Breton name derived from the Celtic “car,” which means “love.” This name was misread for “Cerdic,” the name of a Saxon king, anglicized from Welsh “caredig” (beloved), cited by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the founder of the kingdom of Wessex and ancestor of all its subsequent kings.



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old english (anglo-saxon)

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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #6

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Chakra Number: #6
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ballad of cedric frÜvous
moxy frÜvous

Notable People and Personalities

Cedric Belfrage (1904–1990), British Writer
Cedric Benson (born 1982), American Football Player
Cedric Bixler-zavala (born 1974), American Musician
Cedric Brooks (born 1943), Jamaican Musician
Cedric C. Smith (1895–1969), American Football Player
Cedric Ceballos (born 1969), American Basketball Player
Cedric Gibbons (1893–1960), Irish-born American Art Director
Cedric Glover (born 1965), American Politician
Cedric Hardwicke (1893–1964), British Actor
Cedric Holland (1889–1950), British Naval Officer
Cedric James Smith (1906–1979) English Cricketer
Cedric Kyles (born 1964), Aka Cedric The Entertainer, American Actor And Comedian
Cedric Maxwell (born 1955), American Basketball Player
Cedric Mcmillan (born 1977), American Professional Bodybuilder
Cedric Morris (1889–1982), Welsh Painter
Cedric Payne (born 1996) Canadian Voice Actor
Cedric Price (1934–2003), British Architect
Cedric Smith (1917–2002), British Statistician And Geneticist
Cedric Smith (born 1943) British-canadian Actor And Musician
Cedric Smith (born 1968), American Football Player
Cedric Smith (born 1971), African American Artistic Painter
Cedric Van Der Gun (born 1979), Dutch Footballer
Cedric Yarbrough (born 1973), American Comedian And Actor
Cédric Gracia (born 1978), French Cyclist
Cédric Heymans (born 1978), French Rugby Player
Cédric Kanté (born 1979), French Football Player
Cédric Klapisch (born 1961), French Film Director
Cédric Michaud (born 1976), French Skater
Cédric Mongongu (born 1989), Congolese Football Player
Cédric Penicaud (born 1971), French Swimmer
Cédric Pioline (born 1969), French Tennis Player
Cédric Taymans (born 1975), Belgian Judoka
Cédric Villani (born 1973), French Mathematician