feminine Brittany

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Name Root:
Bretagne (Briton) > Prettanikḗ / Pretannikaí > Brĭtannĭa
This name means “land of the Britons.” Britannia derives from the Greek Πρεταννικαὶ Νῆσοι (Pretannikai Nesoi) used by Pytheas of Marseilles, a Greek geographer and explorer, who had circumnavigated Britain between 330 and 320 BC and described various islands in the North Atlantic to the extreme Thule (probably Iceland or the Shetland Islands). Pytheas described Thule as the northernmost part of Prettanikḗ (Πρεττανική) or Pretannikaí (Πρεταννικαὶ), his term for the entire group of islands in the far north-west. There is a possibility that the term may derive from the Celtic “*Pritani, “meaning “Picts.” In AD 43, the Roman Empire began its conquest of the island, establishing a province called Britannia, which came to encompass the parts of the island south of Caledonia (Scotland). The native Celtic inhabitants of the region are known as the Britons. In the 2nd century, Roman Britannia came to be personified as a goddess, armed with a trident and shield and wearing a centurion’s helmet.



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Numerological Values: #1

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Chakra Number: #1
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Notable People and Personalities

Brittany Baxter (born 1985), Canadian Female Soccer Player
Brittany Bock (born, 1987), American Soccer Player
Brittany Broben (born 1995), Australian Diver
Brittany Brown, American Professional Wrestler
Brittany Byrnes (born 1987), Australian Actress
Brittany Curran (born 1990), American Actress
Brittany Daniel (born 1976), American Television And Film Actress
Brittany Finamore, American Actress
Brittany Flickinger, American Reality Tv Personality
Brittany Hargest, American Singer And Dancer
Brittany Jackson (born 1983), American Basketball Player
Brittany Lincicome (born 1985), American Golfer
Brittany Mcconnell (born 1993), American Child Actress
Brittany Murphy (1977–2009), American Actress
Brittany Perrineau, American Actress And Former Model
Brittany Petros (born 1974), American Actress
Brittany Scullark (born 1985), American Fashion Model
Brittany Snow (born 1986), American Television And Film Actress And Singer
Brittany Sullivan (born 1988), American Fashion Model
Brittany Tiplady (born 1991), Canadian Actress
Brittany Underwood (born 1988), American Actress And Singer
Brittany Viola (born 1987), American Platform Diver