masculine Bard

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old norse
Name Root:
bǫð friðr > *Baðu-friðuR > Bárøðr
This name derives from the Proto-Norse “*Baðu-friðuR,” composed of two elements: “bǫð” (battle) plus “friðr” (love, peace). Sometimes it also appears as a surname. Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss is a late saga of the Icelanders with legendary elements. It falls into two sections, one about Bárðr and the other about his son, Gestr; the first part takes place in Snæfellsnes in Iceland.



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Notable People and Personalities

Bård Borgersen (born 1972), Norwegian football player
Bård Breien (born 1971), Norwegian film director
Bård Breivik (born 1948), Norwegian sculptor
Bård Eithun (born 1974), Norwegian drummer
Bård Eker (born 1961), Norwegian industrial designer and entrepreneur
Bård Finne (born 1995), Norwegian football player
Bård Hoksrud (born 1973), Norwegian politician
Bård Jørgen Elden (born 1968), Norwegian nordic combined skier
Bård Kvalheim (born 1973), Norwegian middle-distance runner
Bård Lahn (born 1983), Norwegian environmentalist
Bård Løken (born 1964), Norwegian photographer
Bård Mikkelsen (born 1948), Norwegian businessperson
Bård Nesteng (born 1979), Norwegian archer
Bård Torstensen (born 1961), Norwegian guitarist and record producer
Bård Tufte Johansen (born 1969), Norwegian comedian
Bård Tønder (born 1948), Norwegian judge
Bård Vegar Solhjell (born 1971), Norwegian politician
Bård Vonen (born 1955), Norwegian fencer
Bård Ylvisåker (born 1982), Norwegian comedian
Bård Øistensen (born 1951), Norwegian civil servant