masculine Antiochos

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Name Root:
antí ékhō > Antíokhos
This name derives from the Ancient Greek “Antíokhos (Ἀντίοχος),” composed of two elements: “antí ‎(ἀντί)” (against, hostile to, opposition, prevention) plus “ékhō (ἔχω)” (have, possess, contain, own, keep, have charge of ). In turn, the name means “the one who is opposed to possessing something.” Antiochus IV Epiphanes was a Greek king of the Seleucid Empire from 175 BC until he died in 164 BC. He was the son of King Antiochus III the Great. In Greek mythology, the name Antiochus may refer to: 1) Antiochus, son of Heracles, and Meda. Both his maternal grandfather and his own son bore the name Phylas. He was the eponym of the Athenian phyle Antiochis. 2) Antiochus, one of Melas’s eight sons who were killed by Tydeus for plotting against Oeneus. 3) Antiochus, one of the sons of Pterelaus.



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