masculine Angnellus

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Name Root:
agnus > agnellus
This name derives from the Latin “agnus > agnellus,” meaning “lambkin, a lamb of God.” It is a symbol of Jesus as an innocent victim for the salvation of humanity. 1) Saint Agnellus of Naples (535–596) was a Basilian and then Augustinian monk; Is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church. He died at 61-years old, and his tombstone is still standing. 2) The Blessed Agnellus of Pisa (1195–1236), was an Italian Franciscan monk. As its first Minister Provincial in England (1224–1236), he is considered the founder of the order there. His feast day is variously observed on May 7 or September 10. 3) Agnellus (487–570) was a bishop of Ravenna in the Praetorian prefecture of Italy from 557 to his death.



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Numerological Values: #6

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Chakra Number: #6
Third Eye "Ajna"

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