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Name Root:
*aþalaz *haiduz > Adalhaid / Adalhaidis > Aalis
It is a feminine given name used in different countries. It is a form of the Middle French female name “Alis” (Old French and Norman French: Aalis and Aliz). The modern form Alice and its variation represents the short form of “Adelais,” which derives from the Germanic name Adalhaid / Adalhaidis, composed of two elements: “*aþalaz” (noble, nobleman, aristocratic, eminent, glorious, excellent) plus “*haiduz” (kind, sort, appearance, personality, character, manner, way). The name Alis became very common in France in the twelfth century. 1) Princess Alice of the United Kingdom (1843–1878) was the third child and second daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Alice was the first of Queen Victoria’s nine children to die, and one of three to be outlived by their mother, who died in 1901. 2) Alicja Jadwiga Kotowska (1899–1939) was a Polish nun, head of the Resurrectionist convent in Wejherowo between 1934 and 1939, and a blessed of the Roman Catholic Church. 3) Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen was the queen consort of the United Kingdom and Hanover as a spouse of William IV of the United Kingdom. Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is named after her. The name was first recorded in Scotland in the 12th century.


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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #7

Number 7 individuals are analytical and inquisitive. They have a thirst for knowledge and often make great academics, researchers or scientists. They have a strong sense of independence and tend to do things their own way. Number 7 individuals are believed to be self-reliant and may come across as reserved.

Chakra Number: #7
Crown Chakra "Sahasrara"

Violet is the color of the crown chakra and it is the color of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness. It is a unifying color, the color of oneness and spirituality. The energy of this color is very healing and can soothe away pain. Learn more about this powerful spiritual color.

Color meaning: Violet

The color violet relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. The difference between violet and purple is that violet appears in the visible light spectrum, or rainbow, whereas purple is simply a mix of red and blue. Violet has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum.

Name Songs

According to: itunes

alison hell
elvis costello
le reel d'alison
gilles vigneault
les sÉguin
linda ronstadt
alison's starting to happen
the lemonheads

Notable People and Personalities

Alison Anderson (born 1958), Australian Politician
Alison Aprhys, Australian Freelance Journalist And Photographer
Alison Arngrim (born 1962), American Actress
Alison Bai (born 1990), Australian Tennis Player
Alison Bailey, American Professor In Human Development And Psychology
Alison Baker (born 1953), American Short Story Writer
Alison Baker (born 1964), Canadian Racewalker
Alison Bales (born 1985), American Professional Basketball Player
Alison Bartlett-o'reilly (born 1971), American Actress
Alison Bartosik (born 1983), American Synchronized Swimmer
Alison Bass, American Journalist And Author
Alison Bauld (born 1944), Australian Writer And Composer
Alison Becker (born 1977), American Actress, Comedienne, And Television Writer
Alison Begbie († 1823), Scottish Servant And Housewife, Courted By Robert Burns
Alison Bell, (born 1966), English Journalist And Radio Presenter
Alison Bell, Australian Actress
Alison Bethel-mckenzie (born 1966), American-born Journalist And Editor
Alison Brackenbury (born 1953), British Poet
Alison Braden (born 1982), Canadian Water Polo Player
Alison Bradley (born 1979), Canadian Softball Player
Alison Brahe (born 1969), Australian Model And Actress
Alison Breitman, An American Singer, Songwriter
Alison Brie (born 1982), American Actress
Alison Brimelow (born 1949), British Civil Servant
Alison Broinowski (born 1941), Australian Academic, Journalist, Writer
Alison Brooks (born 1962), Canadian Architect
Alison Brown (born 1962), American Banjo Player And Guitarist
Alison Bruce (born 1962), New Zealand Television And Movie Actress
Alison Bruce (field Hockey) (born 1987), Australian Field Hockey Player
Alison Calder, Canadian Poet And Educator
Alison Carroll (born 1985), English Gymnast, Model, And Actress
Alison Cerutti (born 1986), Brazilian Beach Volleyball Player
Alison Chesley (born 1960), American Cellist And Composer
Alison Chitty, British Film And Theatre Designer
Alison Cockburn (1712–1794), Scottish Poet
Alison Cooper (born 1966), British Businesswoman
Alison Cork (born 1963), English Home Expert, Writer And Broadcaster
Alison Crum (born 1949), English Viol Player
Alison Curtis (born 1977), Canadian-born Presenter On Irish Radio
Alison Davis-blake (born 1957), American Professor
Alison Des Forges (1942–2009), American Historian And Human Rights Activist
Alison Dias Heck (born 1984), Brazilian Footballer And Manager
Alison Donalty, Children's Book Cover Designer
Alison Doody (born 1966), Irish Actress And Model
Alison Dunlap (born 1969), American Professional Cyclist
Alison Eastwood (born 1972), American Actress And Businesswoman
Alison Edith Hilda Drummond (born 1903), New Zealand Farmer, Writer, Historian And Editor
Alison Edmond, English Fashion Magazine Editor And Director
Alison Elizabeth Taylor (born 1973), American Artist
Alison Elliot, Scottish Academic
Alison Elliott (born 1970), American Actress
Alison Fell (born 1944), Scottish Poet And Novelist
Alison Fitch (born 1980), New Zealand Swimming Competitor
Alison Fleming, Northern Irish Television Presenter And Journalist
Alison Folland (born 1978), American Actress
Alison Forman (born 1969), Australian Footballer
Alison Fraser, American Actress And Singer
Alison Garrigan (born 1958), American Actor, Singer And Costume Designer
Alison Gertz (1966–1992), American Aids Activist
Alison Gill (born 1966), British Rower
Alison Goldfrapp (born 1966), English Musician
Alison Goodman (born 1966), Australian Writer
Alison Goodwin (born 1959), Canadian-american Painter
Alison Gopnik (born 1955), American Professor Of Psychology
Alison Gregorka (born 1985), American Water Polo Player
Alison Haislip (born 1981), American Actress
Alison Hammond (born 1975), British Television Presenter
Alison Harvison Young, Canadian Judge
Alison Hastings, British Journalist And Media Consultant
Alison Hawthorne Deming (born 1946), American Poet And Essayist
Alison Hennegan, British Academic And Campaigner For Gay And Lesbian Rights
Alison Hinds (born 1970), Bajan Soca Artist
Alison Hodgkinson (born 1977), South African Cricketer
Alison Holst (born 1938), New Zealand Food Writer And Television Chef
Alison Inverarity (born 1970), Australian Athlete
Alison J. Nathan (born 1972), American Lawyer And Federal Judge
Alison Jackson (born 1970), English Artist
Alison James (born 1971), New Zealand Actress
Alison Jiear (born 1965), Australian Cabaret Artist And Musical Theatre Performer
Alison Jolly (born 1937), American Primatologist
Alison Jutzi (born 1978), Canadian Actress, Singer And Songwriter
Alison Kennedy, Scottish Author
Alison King (born 1973), English Actress
Alison Kinnaird (born 1949), Scottish Artist And Folk Musician
Alison Knowles (born 1933), American Visual Artist
Alison Knowles (born 1982), British Rower
Alison Kosik (born 1970), American Television Journalist
Alison Krauss (born 1971), American Musician
Alison Kreviazuk (born 1988), Canadian Curler
Alison Lambert (born 1977), British Clarinetist
Alison Laplaca (born 1959), American Actress
Alison Lapper (born 1965), English Artist
Alison Lawton (born 1970), Canadian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Alison Leslie Gold, American Author
Alison Lester Born 1952), Australian Author And Illustrator
Alison Levine (born 1966), American Mountain Climber, Sportswoman, Explorer
Alison Light (born 1955), English Writer, Critic And Independent Scholar
Alison Limerick (born 1959), British Singer
Alison Littell Mchose (born 1965), American Politician
Alison Logue (born 1987), Australian Soccer Player
Alison Lohman (born 1979), American Actress
Alison Lopes Ferreira (born 1993), Brazilian Footballer
Alison Lundergan Grimes (born 1978), American Lawyer And Politician
Alison Lurie (born 1926), American Novelist And Academic
Alison Mac, British Actress
Alison Macgregor, Scottish Television Journalist And Producer
Alison Macinnis (born 1980), American Actress
Alison Maclean (born 1958), Canadian Film Director
Alison Mau (born 1965), New Zealand Television Journalist And Presenter
Alison Mccallum (born 1951), Australian Rock Singer
Alison Mcghee (born 1960), American Author
Alison Megarrity (born 1961), Australian Politician
Alison Moore (born 1971), English Writer
Alison Mosely, Australian Wheelchair Basketball Player
Alison Mosshart (born 1978), American Musician
Alison Mowbray (born 1971), British Rower
Alison Moyet (born 1961), English Singer And Actress
Alison Murray, Canadian Director Of Films And Documentaries
Alison Nicholas (born 1962), English Golfer
Alison Nix (born 1988), American Fashion Model
Alison O'donnell (born 1952), Irish Musician
Alison Parson (born C. 1984), American Country Singer And Songwriter
Alison Peacock (born 1959), English Educationalist
Alison Peebles (born 1953), Scottish Actress, Director, And Writer
Alison Pick (born 1975), Canadian Novelist And Poet
Alison Pill (born 1985), Canadian Actress
Alison Prince (born 1931), British Children's Writer, Screenwriter And Biographer
Alison Quinn (born 1977), Australian Paralympic Athlete
Alison Ratcliffe (born 1934), English Women's Cricketer
Alison Relyea, Professional Illustrator
Alison Richard (born 1948), Vice-chancellor Of Cambridge University
Alison Roberta Noble Neilans (1884–1942), English Suffragette
Alison Rowatt (born 1981), Scottish Field Hockey Midfielder
Alison Ruffelle (born 1967), English Actress And Producer
Alison Saar (born 1956), American Artist
Alison Schapker, American Television Writer And Producer
Alison Seabeck (born 1954), English Politician
Alison Sealy-smith (born 1959), Canadian Actress
Alison Shanks (born 1982), New Zealand Racing Cyclist
Alison Sharman, English Television Director
Alison Sheppard (born 1972), Scottish Freestyle Swimmer
Alison Sinclair, Professor Of Modern Spanish Literature And Intellectual Historian
Alison Skipworth (1863–1952), English Actress
Alison Smale, British Journalist
Alison Smith (born 1954), Canadian Television And Radio Journalist And Anchor
Alison Smyth (born 1982), Canadian Musical Theatre Performer
Alison Snowden (born 1958), English Voice Actress, Producer And Screenwriter
Alison Spedding (born 1962), British Anthropologist And Fantasy Author
Alison Starling, American Television Journalist
Alison Statton (born 1959), Welsh Singer
Alison Steadman (born 1946), English Actress
Alison Steele (1937–1995), American Disc Jockey
Alison Stephens (1970–2010), English Classical Mandolin Player And Film Musician
Alison Stewart (born 1966), American Radio And Television Journalist
Alison Streeter (born 1964), British Long-distance Swimmer
Alison Sudol (born 1984), American Musician
Alison Sweeney (born 1976), American Actress
Alison Sydor (born 1966), Canadian Professional Cross Country Mountain Cyclist
Alison Townsend, American Poet
Alison Turnbull (born 1956), Colombian-british Painter And Sculptor
Alison Turriff (born 1984), Scottish Folk Musician
Alison Tyler (born 1972), American Author, Editor And Publisher Of Erotica
Alison Uttley (1884–1976), British Writer
Alison Van Pelt (born 1963), American Painter
Alison Van Uytvanck (born 1994), Belgian Professional Tennis Player
Alison Viktorin (born 1981), American Actress
Alison Walker (born 1963), Scottish Broadcaster
Alison Wall (born 1966), New Zealand Actress
Alison Waters (born 1984), English Professional Squash Player
Alison Watt (born 1957), Canadian, Writer And Painter
Alison Watt (born 1965), Scottish Painter
Alison Wearing (born 1967), Canadian Writer And Performer
Alison Webb (born 1961), Canadian Judoka
Alison Wedding (born 1972), American Singer And Composer
Alison Weir (born 1951), British Writer Of History Books
Alison Whitney, American Actress
Alison Whyte (born 1968), Australian Actress
Alison Williamson (born 1971), British Athlete
Alison Wong (born 1960), New Zealand Poet And Novelist
Alison Wray, Welsh Linguist
Alison Wright (born 1949), New Zealand Middle Distance Runner
Alison Wright (born 1961), American Photojournalist And Writer
Alison Wylie, Canadian Feminist Philosopher Of Science