masculine Adrían

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Name Root:
Hadria > Hădrĭānus
This name comes from the Latin root “Hadria > Hădrĭānus,” meaning “from the city Hadria,” concerning the modern and ancient city of Atri (province of Teramo) or Etruscan Adria (province of Rovigo), both of which claim the honor of having given its name to the Adriatic Sea. Several saints and six popes have borne this name, including the only English pope, Adrian IV, and the only Dutch pope, Adrian VI. Hadrian (Latin: Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus 76–138), was Roman Emperor from 117 to 138. He is best known for building Hadrian’s Wall, which marked the northern limit of Roman Britain.



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New Age Curiosities

Numerological Values: #2

If a person's name-number is 2, he is considered to be co-operative and highly adaptable to any circumstance in life. 2 is associated with teamwork, mediating and working for the goodness of others. People with the name-number 2 tend to be good friends and are kind, helpful individuals.

Chakra Number: #2
Sacral Chakra "Swadhisthana"

Orange is the color of your second chakra, which is located bellow the navel. The main energy of this color is creativity and feelings. Explore the color of your sacral chakra in depth and discover the gifts and challenges of orange color.

Color meaning: Orange

The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange relates to 'gut reaction' or our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

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jose luis perales

Notable People and Personalities

Adrian Alphona, Canadian Comic Book Artist
Adrian Amstutz (born 1953), Swiss Politician
Adrian Archibald (born ~1969), British Motorcycle Racer
Adrian Arrington (born 1985), American Football Player
Adrian Aucoin (born 1973), Canadian Ice Hockey Player
Adrian Bailey (born 1949), British Labour Co-operative Politician
Adrian Bejan (born 1948), Romanian Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
Adrian Belew (born 1949), American Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter And Record Producer
Adrian Biddle (1952–2005), English Cinematographer
Adrian Borland (1957–1999), English Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist And Record Producer
Adrian Boult (1889–1983), English Conductor
Adrian Buchan (born 1982), Australian Surfer
Adrian Cann (born 1980), Canadian Soccer Player
Adrian Chiles (born 1967), British Television And Radio Presenter
Adrian Cioroianu (born 1967), Romanian Historian, Politician, Journalist And Essayist
Adrian Clayborn (born 1988), American Football Player
Adrian Cristea (born 1983), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Cronauer (born 1938), American Lawyer And Radio Speaker
Adrian Cruciat (born 1983), Romanian Tennis Player
Adrian Cruickshank (1936–2010), Australian Politician And Philanthropist
Adrian Dantley (born 1956), Retired American Basketball Player
Adrian Darby (born 1937), British Conservationist And Academic
Adrian Diaconu (born 1978), Romanian Professional Boxer
Adrian Dix (born 1966), Canadian Politician
Adrian Dunbar (born 1958), Irish Actor
Adrian Edmondson (born 1957), English Actor, Comedian, Director, Writer And Musician
Adrian Enescu (born 1948), Romanian Composer
Adrian Erlandsson (born 1970), Swedish Heavy Metal Drummer
Adrian Falub (born 1971), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Finighan (born 1964), British Journalist
Adrian Forbes (born 1979), English Footballer
Adrian Fulford (born 1953), British Judge
Adrian Geiges (born 1960), German Writer And Journalist
Adrian Goldsworthy (born 1969), British Historian And Author
Adrian Gonzalez (born 1982), Mexican-american Baseball Player
Adrian Grenier (born 1976), American Actor, Musician And Director
Adrian Griffin (born 1974), Retired American Basketball Player
Adrian Griffin, Australian Drummer
Adrian Gurvitz (born 1949), English Singer, Musician And Songwriter
Adrian Hanauer (born 1966), American Businessman
Adrian Hardy Haworth (1767–1833), English Entomologist, Botanist And Carcinologist
Adrian Heath (1920–1992), British Painter
Adrian Heath (born 1961), English Football Manager And Former Player
Adrian Hodges, British Television And Film Writer
Adrian Holovaty (born 1981), American Web Developer, Journalist And Entrepreneur
Adrian Hoven (1922–1981), Austrian Actor, Producer And Film Director
Adrian Ilie (born 1974), Romanian Retired Footballer
Adrian Ionescu (born 1985), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Iordache (born 1980), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Ivaniţchi (born 1947), Romanian Folk Musician And Guitarist
Adrian Jacobs (born 1980), South African Rugby Player
Adrian Jarvis (born 1983) English Rugby Player
Adrian Johns (born 1951), English Governor Of Gibraltar
Adrian Jones (1845–1938), English Sculptor And Painter
Adrian Jones (born 1961), English Former Cricketer
Adrian Jones (born 1981), American Football Player
Adrian Kantrowitz (1918–2008), American Cardiac Surgeon
Adrian Kashchenko (1858–1921), Ukrainian Writer And Historian
Adrian Knox (1863–1932), Australian Judge
Adrian Kowanek (born 1977), Polish Musician
Adrian Lamo (born 1981), Colombian-american Threat Analyst
Adrian Legg (born 1948), English Guitar Player
Adrian Leijer (born 1986), Australian Footballer
Adrian Leo Doyle (born 1936), Australian Prelate Of The Roman Catholic Church
Adrian Lester (born 1968), British Actor
Adrian Lukis (born 1958), British Actor
Adrian Lungu (born 1960), Romanian Rugby Union Footballer
Adrian Lyne (born 1941), English Filmmaker And Producer
Adrian Mannarino (born 1988), French Tennis Player
Adrian Mariappa (born 1986), English Footballer
Adrian Mcpherson (born 1983), American Football Player
Adrian Miedziński (born 1985), Polish Motorcycle Speedway Rider
Adrian Mierzejewski (born 1986), Polish Footballer
Adrian Mitchell (1932–2008), English Poet, Novelist And Playwright
Adrian Morley (born 1977), English Professional Rugby Player
Adrian Mutu (born 1979), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Napierała (born 1982), Polish Footballer
Adrian Năstase (born 1950), Romanian Politician
Adrian Neaga (born 1979), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Newey (born 1958), British Race Car Engineer And Designer
Adrian Of Batanea († 308), Christian Martyr And Saint
Adrian Of Canterbury († 710), Scholar And Abbot Of St Augustine's Abbey In Canterbury
Adrian Of May († 875), Scottish Saint From The Isle Of May
Adrian Of Moscow (1627–1700), Last Pre-revolutionary Patriarch Of Moscow And
Adrian Of Ondrusov († 1549), Russian Orthodox Saint
Adrian Of Poshekhonye († 1550), Russian Orthodox Saint
Adrian Pasdar (born 1965), American Actor And Film Director
Adrian Paul (born 1959), English Actor
Adrian Păunescu (1943–2010), Romanian Poet, Journalist, And Politician
Adrian Peterson (born 1985), American Football Player
Adrian Piccoli (born 1970), Australian Politician
Adrian Piţ (born 1983), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Purtell (born 1985), Australian Rugby Player
Adrian Quist (1913–1991), Australian Male Tennis Player
Adrian Rawlins (born 1958), English Actor
Adrian Rogers (1931–2005), American Pastor And Author
Adrian Rollini (1903–1956), American Multi-instrumentalist
Adrian Ropotan (born 1986), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Sălăgeanu (born 1983), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Sanders (born 1959), English Politician
Adrian Scarborough (born 1968), English Character Actor
Adrian Schultheiss (born 1988), Swedish Figure Skater
Adrian Serioux (born 1979), Canadian Soccer Player
Adrian Severin (born 1954), Romanian Politician And Member Of The European Parliament
Adrian Sherwood (born 1958), English Record Producer
Adrian Sieber (born 1972), Swiss Singer And Lead Singer (lovebugs)
Adrian Sikora (born 1980), Polish Footballer
Adrian Smith (born 1957), English Musician, Guitarist And Songwriter (iron Maiden)
Adrian Stoian (born 1991), Romanian Footballer
Adrian Stoop (1883–1957), English Rugby Union Player
Adrian Sutil (born 1983), German Formula One Racing Driver
Adrian Truss, English Actor, Voice Actor And Comedy Writer
Adrian Turner (born 1977), British Olympic Swimmer
Adrian Ungur (born 1985), Romanian Tennis Player
Adrian Ursu (born 1968), Romanian Journalist
Adrian Utley (born 1957), English Musician
Adrian Van Hooydonk (born 1964), Dutch Automobile Designer
Adrian Vandenberg (born 1954), Dutch Rock Guitarist
Adrian Von Bubenberg (1434–1479), Bernese Knight, General And Mayor
Adrian Von Mynsicht (1603–1638), German Alchemist
Adrian Von Walenburch († 1669), Dutch Roman Catholic Theologian
Adrian Weale (born 1964), English Writer, Journalist, Illustrator And Photographer
Adrian Webster (born 1951), Retired English Footballer
Adrian Webster (born 1980), New Zealand Footballer
Adrian Willaert (~1490–1562), Flemish Composer
Adrian Young (born 1969), American Drummer (no Doubt)
Adrian Zieliński (born 1989), Polish Weightlifter
Adrian Zingg (1734–1816), Swiss Painter
Adrian Zmed (born 1954), American Television Personality And Film Actor
Adrián Aldrete (born 1988), Mexican Footballer
Adrián Beltré (born 1979), Dominican Republic Baseball Player
Adrián Chávez (born 1962), Mexican Footballer
Adrián Fernández (born 1965), Mexican Racing Driver
Adrián Ramos (born 1986), Colombian Footballer
Adrián Ricchiuti (born 1978), Argentine Footballer
Adrián Romero (born 1977), Uruguayan Footballer
Adrián Vallés (born 1986), Spanish Race Car Driver