masculine Abdülaziz

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Name Root:
'azza > ʿazīz > ʻABD al-Azīz
This name means “servant of the powerful, Servant of the dear one.” The name derives from the Arabic “‘azza > ʿAzīz,” meaning “strong, powerful,” but the adjective has acquired a more generic meaning of “excellent, precious, dear, valuable, glorious, holy, powerful, magnificent.” Azīz is one of the 99 names of God in the Qur’an, which give rise to the Muslim Theophoric names. Aziz is a common masculine given name, especially in the Muslim world. Still, it has also continued to be used since Pre Islamic and Pre-Arab times by indigenous non-Muslim peoples in the Middle East.



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Notable People and Personalities

Abdülaziz (1830–1876), Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire
Abdülaziz Efendi (born 1735), Ottoman Physician And Poet
Abdulaziz Abdelrahman (born 1982), Saudi Singer
Abdulaziz Al Salimi (born 1991), Kuwaiti Footballer
Abdulaziz Al Sulaiti (born 1988), Qatari Footballer
Abdulaziz Al-anberi (born 1954), Kuwaiti Fooballer
Abdulaziz Al-hamidi (born 1987), Kuwaiti Basketball Player
Abdulaziz Al-janoubi (born 1974), Saudi Fotballer
Abdulaziz Al-kalthem (born 1987), Saudi Footballer
Abdulaziz Al-saqqaf (1952–1999), Yemeni Human-rights Activist, Economist, And Journalist
Abdulaziz Ali (born 1980), Qatari Footballer
Abdulaziz Ali Al Turki (born 1944), Saudi Businessman
Abdulaziz Alـshayji (born 1967), Kuwaiti Politician
Abdulaziz Belraysh (born 1990), Libyan Footballer
Abdulaziz Bin Mitab (ruled 1897–1906), Ruler Of Arabia
Abdulaziz Fadhil (born 1979), Kuwaiti Footballer
Abdulaziz Fayez Al Alawi (born 1990), Uae Footballer
Abdulaziz Hatem (born 1985), Qatari Footballer
Abdulaziz Karim (born 1979), Qatari Footballer
Abdulaziz Khathran (born 1973), Saudi Footballer
Abdulaziz Komilov (born 1947), Uzbek Politician
Abdulaziz Mohamed (born 1965), Uae Footballer
Abdulaziz Nasser Al Shamsi (born 1956), Uae Diplomat
Abdulaziz Sachedina, Tanzanian-american Professor Of Religious Studies
Abdulaziz Usman (born 1962), Nigerian Politician