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(feminine) Veronichka


This name derives from the Ancient Greek “Phereníkē (Φερενίκη) Bereníke (Bερενίκη),” composed of two elements: “phérō (φέρω) phérein (φέρειν)” (to bring, bear, carry) plus “nī́kē ‎(νῑ́κη)” (victory, success). In turn, the name means “she who brings victory.” She who brings victory (influenced by the Church Latin phrase “vera icon” (true image) associated with the legend of Saint Veronica who wiped the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary). Sometimes it was thought that Veronica mistakenly derived from the Latin “vera” (true) and the Greek. Eikóna “εικόνα” (image). Its popularity in medieval and modern times is based mainly on the relevance in Christianity of St. Veronica and her Veil. The ancient Macedonian form of the name has been made famous by its widespread use as a royal name by the ruling dynasties of Alexander the Great states throughout the eastern Mediterranean in the Hellenistic period, in particular by the Ptolemies of Egypt and the Seleucids of Asia.

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