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Loading and managing new names
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Why sign up for Premium? Because Premium offers you many privileges, including:

1) A powerful search engine with 17 multi-level fields, that lets you do advanced searches. 2) No distracting adverts while you browse. 3) Personalized favorites-lists and the option to conduct surveys about names on social networks and on the site. 4) Exclusive discounts at our store. 5) Regular special offers for Premium customers.

And much more!

NameDoctor main features

Standard Favorites list Registration

With this feature you can publish your favorite names on a special page where you can add, remove and sort them, and share your choices effortlessly with friends and family.

Loading and managing new names Registration Premium

You can contribute to making our database even better, enabling others to discover new names and cultures.

NameDoctor Exclusive discounts Premium

The Premium plans give you access to exclusive discounts in our NameDoctor store. You’ll be able to recover the cost of your Premium subscription right from your very first purchases.

Focused searches with more subcategories Premium

The huge range of subcategories enables you to further refine your search. For example, instead of just searching in “GREEK MYTHOLOGY”, you can select the “GREEK MYTHOLOGY (NYMPH)” category and find only the names of nymphs in Greek mythology.

Exclusive BabyExpecting discounts Premium

Subscribers to the 1-year Premium plan can benefit from a 20% discount on one of our flagship products, BabyExpecting – the personalized service for users who are expecting a baby and need help with choosing a name. For more information

Free download of printable NameDNA Premium

By signing up for three months or more, and depending on the Premium plan you choose, you can download up to 3 copies of your Name DNA – the ID card for your name – free of charge. You can download it directly from our store. For more information

Premium Favorites list Premium

With the premium favorites list, you can publish your favorite names on a special page where you can add and remove them and, especially, publish a survey on social networks for friends and family to vote on, so you can have your own, personal popularity ranking.

No distracting adverts Premium

If you select this option, the only adverts you’ll see will be for NameDoctor services. No other adverts will be displayed.

Professional Search™ Premium

Professional Search is a powerful search engine which was developed with special algorithms for name searches, with 17 search filters and drop-down menus with over 240 preloaded entries. Using these filters, you can search for names that are linked to flowers, colors, precious stones, mythology, Biblical names and more besides. Professional Search also has an advanced search feature that can even find incorrectly-spelled names.

Expansion of NameDoctor Premium

All Premium users benefit from all updates and expansions to the service at no additional cost, and can take advantage
of all Premium special offers throughout the year.

Forthcoming releases

1) Soon Premium users will be able to create their very own desktop background with the first letter of your name. With 9 different styles, 3 letter colors, 6 backgrounds and 8 different resolutions, you can choose from a total of 1,300 combinations. for free!

2) Soon Premium users will be able to benefit from a database of over 10,000 songs associated to the name data page. You can search for suggestions, tips for songs to dedicate to your loved one and propose it at a birthday party or for other special occasions. for free!