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olufemi, oluwafemi
african (yorÙbÁ) 
OLú-Ọ̀RúN / OLú WE Fẹ
This name derives from the African (Yorùbá) “Oluwafemi”, meaning “God loves me”. Main body of the name is composed of: “Olú / Olú-Ọ̀rún” (God, master, lord, our God) plus “fẹ” (love desire). Olú or Olòrún is the Yorùbá name given to one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon. Olorun is the owner of the heavens and is commonly associated with the Sun. The vital energy of Olorun manifests in humans as Ashé, which is the life force that runs through all living things.


  • african (western)african (western)

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african - western
olufemi, Oluwafemi

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femi JUST $2.90
femi JUST $2.90
femi JUST $2.90

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Numerological Values:

Number 6 is associated with nurturing, sympathy, balance, civic sense and responsibility. People with name-number 6 place high priority on family. They are also willing to shoulder responsibilities and execute them in the best manner possible.

Chakra Number:
6: The number of the Third Eye "Ajna"

Indigo is the color of the sixth energy centre - your third eye chakra. It is the color that opens the consciousness and brings awareness to higher planes and connects us with the spiritual world. Discover the hidden meanings within this deep blue color.

Color meaning:

The color indigo is the color of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye. It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It is a color which relates to the "New Age" - the ability to use the Higher Mind to see beyond the normal senses with great powers of perception. It relies on intuition rather than gut feeling.

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Notable people and personalities​

Femi Ajilore (born 1985), Nigerian professional footballer
Femi Babatunde (born 1986), Nigerian footballer
Femi Fani-Kayode (born 1960), Nigerian politician
Femi Gbaja Biamila (born 1962), Nigerian politician
Femi Ilesanmi (born 1991), English-Nigerian professional footballer
Femi John Femi (born 1945), Chief of Air Staff of the Nigerian Air Force
Femi Joseph (born 1990), Nigerian footballer
Femi Kuti (born 1962), Nigerian musician
Femi Oke (born 1966), British-Nigerian TV journalist
Femi Opabunmi (born 1985), Nigerian professional footballer
Femi Orenuga (born 1993), English-Nigerian professional footballer
Femi Osofisan (born 1946), Nigerian writer
Femi Otedola (born 1967), Nigerian billionaire businessman
Femi Pedro (born 1955), Nigerian politician