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abdul aziz

ARABIC (عبد العزيز)
afro-asiatic > semitic > central semitic > arabic
arabic  /  akkadian (assyrian) 
'AZZA (عزّ)ʿAZīZ (عزيز) ʻABD AL-AZīZ (عبد العزيز)
This name means “servant of the powerful, Servant of the dear one”. The name derives from the Arabic “'azza > azīz”, meaning “strong, powerful”, but the adjective has acquired a more generic meaning of “excellent, precious, dear, valuable, glorious, holy, powerful, magnificent”. Azīz is one of the 99 names of God in the Qur'an, which give rise to the Muslim Theophoric names. Aziz is a common masculine given name, especially in the Muslim world but it has also continued to be used since Pre Islamic and Pre-Arab times by indigenous non-Muslim peoples in the Middle East.


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Related names

abd-al-aziz, abdul-aziz, abdelaziz, abdol-aziz, abdul-azeez, abd al-aziz, abd el aziz, abd el-aziz, abdu l-aziz, abdulaziz, abd al-azeez, abd el azeez, abd el-azeez, abdelazeez, abdu l-azeez, abdul azeez, abdulazeez, abd al aziz, abdel aziz

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abdul aziz JUST $2.90
abdul aziz JUST $2.90
abdul aziz JUST $2.90

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5: The number of the Throat Chakra "Vishuddha"

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Notable people and personalities​

Abdul Aziz (1941–1959), Pakistani Cricketer Killed By Ball
Abdul Aziz (born 1986), Pakistani Footballer
Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani (born 1939), Prime Minister Of Yemen
Abdul Aziz Abdul Kadir, Malaysian Politician
Abdul Aziz Abul, Bahraini Politician
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair (born 1954), United Arab Emirates Ceo Of Mashreq Bank
Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1876–1953), King Of Saudi Arabia
Abdul Aziz Al-hakim (1950–2009), Iraqi Theologian And Politician
Abdul Aziz Ben Sharpe Ben Rabah Al Shabari, Saudi Dissident Who Went Home
Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah (born 1962), Saudi Prince
Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmed Al Saud (born 1963), Saudi Prince And Businessman
Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd (born 1973), Saudi Prince And Politician
Abdul Aziz Bin Musaid (active 1921), Saudi Soldier
Abdul Aziz Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (born 1982), Saudi Prince
Abdul Aziz Ghazi, Pakistani Cleric
Abdul Aziz Hotak († 1717), Ruler Of The Ghilzai Hotaki Dynasty Of Kandahar
Abdul Aziz Ibn Ayyaf Al-miqrin, Saudi Politician
Abdul Aziz Ibn Muhammad Ibn Saud (ruled 1765-1803), Ruler Of Saudi Arabia
Abdul Aziz Ismail (born 1981), Malyasian Footballer
Abdul Aziz Kurd (active 1920), Balochistan Politician
Abdul Aziz Mirza, Pakistani Naval Officer And Diplomat
Abdul Aziz Moshood (born 1968), Nigerian Footballer
Abdul Aziz Of Perak (1887–1948), Sultan Of Perak, Malaya
Abdul Aziz Said, Syrian-america Political Writer
Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, Malaysian Politician
Abdul Aziz Tetteh (born 1990), Ghanaian Footballer
Abdul Aziz Yamulki (1890–1981), Ottoman-iraqi-kurdish Army Officer