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dar'yana RUSSIAN

This name derives from the Ancient Greek Darêios (Δαρεῖος), which in turn derives from the Old Persian “Dārayavauš > Dâriûsh > Dārīus”, meaning “to possess, who owns/possesses the well, who maintains the well”. The Old Persian form is also seen to have been reflected in the Elamite “Da-ri-(y)a-ma-u-iš”, Akkadian “Da-(a-)ri-ia-(a-)muš”, Aramaic “dryhwš” and archaizing “drywhwš”. 1) Darius (Dārayava(h)uš) I was the third king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Also called Darius the Great, he ruled the empire at its peak, when it included much of West Asia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, parts of the Balkans (Bulgaria-Pannonia), portions of north and northeast Africa including Egypt (Mudrâya), eastern Libya, coastal Sudan, Eritrea, as well as most of Pakistan, the Aegean Islands, and northern Greece / Thrace-Macedonia. 2) Darius II was king of the Persian Empire from 423 BC to 405 BC. 3) Saints Chrysanthus and Daria are saints of the Early Christian period. Their names appear in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, an early martyr's list, and a church was built in their honor over their reputed burial place in Rome.

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